Matt Ely introduction

Hi everyone, glad to be in the group. I have several improvement stories on the blog, and post when I can on Facebook. I started this in April 2014 at -5.00. I currently use -1.00 on an as needed basis, and wear glasses as little as possible.

I hope to be out of glasses altogether by April 2020. I have a 5 year old and a two year old. I do moderate close up for work as a financial planner and I love to read, but kids help me make sure that I get out of the books after work.


That is so amazing–such a hope-inspiring account of success! Thanks for continuing to encourage those of us who are at the beginning of the journey. :grinning:

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Yes, I’m glad to be a part of this endmyopia community and to do my part to help others along!

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Matt, good to have you in the group. I agree that your improvement is an inspiration for us to see. Good work!

Well thank you, Sean! I feel lucky in a way that it’s worked so well for me.

One thing to point out: first 90 days, 1 diopter gone, then 0.25 every 3 - 4 months * 4.5 years adds up to a lot. This is doable for just about everyone. Lots of great results to come as the years go on for endmyopia.


Hi Matt

Can I please ask a question relating to your video about AF and close up?

I am trying to teach my children about AF which is tricky when I don’t wear glasses myself. I have managed to find someone to prescribe undercorrected.
But my youngest daughter doesn’t wear glasses for close work so how can she get slight blur or can she only do AF at a distance?

My eldest daughter is -4.5 (one Optometrist tried to give her -7.25D)!
Does she need to do active focus at close with undercorrected glasses to get some blur?

Many thanks Nicky

Good job on finding an OD who will work with you!

Is your youngest daughter having an issue with myopia? I haven’t paid tons of attention to approaching this with kids yet, so I’ll do the best I can to answer. If she has some myopia, but no close up blur, Jake favors (from my understanding) trying to get them to learn active focus at a distance, particularly with outdoor vision. Measure with an eye chart and cm to track improvements and if you can take care of it without starting minus lenses, that’s ideal. I’m not well versed on introducing plus lenses to kids, but that could be helpful as well. You may have to search on the blog or start a new topic for that one as have no practical experience to offer there.

The eldest daughter will want to follow the full program and use differentials for close up.

Hi Matt

Thank you for the reply. I think the biggest thing so far is just to get under corrected lenses for distance and change the habits. She is twelve and pretty motivated so she now remove her glasses at school unless she needs them for the board-it just requires her to keep taking them on and off. If my kids were told by their previous OD to only wear the negative lenses for board and TV it would not have progressed as much. But they were told to wear them as much as they liked so it became a bad habit. We have much work to do! I have put a snellan on the back of the toilet door to practice AF when visiting! We also practice licence plates in car parks. I have to try and remind and motivate them.
I also don’t let them use iphones or ipads as I think this will exacerbate myopia.
Best wishes Nicky:))

That’s great that she is motivated! I remember when I first got glasses, I used to take them off for close work, but I gradually started wearing g them more and more. It could have been much easier to get out of this…

Keep doing what you’re doing! I don’t have much in the way of direct experience in this topic.

I wish as you do that people would at least be told at the outset of getting minus lenses not to wear them for close work.

Hi Matt

So sorry to bother you again!
I think it maybe holiday season in the US so please answer when you have chance.

It is pretty difficult for me to teach my girls active focus when my distance vision is OK. I just wanted to check I am telling my eldest the correct technique from what I interpret on Endmyopia.

My Eldest daughter has normalised of -4.75. She reads books and writes without lenses. So I presume she needs to practice AF when reading without lenses as she will have slight blur when she moves the book away?

For the computer, she needs lenses-do I give her undercorrected (say about 2-3D) to get slight blur then move back from the screen when she has cleared it?

For distance AF, should I give her the undercorrected differential to get blur?

I presume wearing her normalised will not give any blur for distance AF?

I apologise for the multiple questions, do you think I have a good enough grasp of this to be teaching her? I gather then the clearing of the slight blur by staring and blinking will kick start her ciliary muscles to do some work rather than being locked?

Many many thanks Nicky:)))

Hi Matt

I am not sur if you saw my question from a few weeks back.
I would really appreciate some help with active focus. I understand how it works but I don’t get if you need to wear glasses when you do it. If my daughter is -4.75, does she do AF with a book without glasses, at a screen with a reduced close up prescription and at a distance with her differential glasses or reduced normalised?
Hope you can help. Kind regards Nicky

I saw it and meant to answer, but got away from me. Before giving feedback, I’ll say that I haven’t worked with anyone on child myopia, so I’m probably not the best person to answer. A better route would be to look through everything on the blog under child myopia.

With that said, -4.75 is high to be doing active focus without any glasses. Are you able to get a centimeter measurement for her to the edge of blur? In that range, she would most likely be using differentials when reading books or at the computer.

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Same boat, 20/20 dad of a 9 year old. So, here are my 2 cents -
Close ups - basically depends on what you define as close up and is personal. No standard rule. In my case, my daughter does not use computers much and hence her target close up is 30 cms to read books. So we dont use differentials.
Normalized - Depends on what you define as regular normalized work. For a student of 9, it is mostly watching the board at school. Here is what I do - Got her a lens that lets her see 20/25 with blur. She wears this everywhere including school. There are two situations where this back fires - When the text on the board is way too small. The music class where the notes are too small. In these cases, my daughter has a spare 20/20 in her bag that she uses. In all other cases it is 20/25 lens where 20/20 is sufficiently blurry.
Active focus - This has to “click” by itself. There is no set formula for this. My approach was a vision walk where she describes things in detail what she sees, while blinking at everything that is tad blurry. At some point, it clicks and there are clear flashes. If you get it once, you get it again and then it becomes a habit. This step needs loads of patience. One other approach i used to follow - put on the tv with close captions ON and sound OFF. That way they are forced to read the text and you accordingly move them back till the time it gets blurry to be fit enough for AF

And for the rest, the cm measurements are a must to understand the pattern along with snellen readings for bare eyes (both and individual) and also with normalized (both and individual)

Hope this helps.


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Much more practical than my comments! If my kids ever run into issues, I’ll be asking those who have experience with kids and myopia for help!!



How has it gone since it’s about a half year since you posted the original topic? Specifically, the not wearing glasses much part…has your vision improved more in that time without wearing glasses much?

Thanks for asking! I’ll be posting a detailed update (hopefully) before the end of the year. High points: starting to see legit no glasses 20/40, using -0.75 glasses on an as needed basis, and on what I’m calling “intermittent glasses wearing.” More to come.


Hi K

Thank you so much for the reply. We are definitely going to practice with the subtitles on the TV and muted.

The computer is a tricky subject. I live in the UK and they seem to make children use tablets or laptops at school at younger and younger ages. I don’t let my kids use iphones which is difficult with teenagers but I allow them a wired computer next to a window to look out. I think the 20;20;20 rule is good but I have to remind them as they get too focused. Both my children are book worms which looking back I am not sure I did the right thing for their eyesight encouraging so much reading. I also feel guilty for just believing the eye doctor and not questioning her prescriptions and researching sooner. Knowledge is very helpful!
I am totally grateful I found Jake’s website and I can integrate the steps into their lives now.

Kind regards Nicky

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Good luck to you.
Jake’s methods are meant to make changes to lifestyle and not overhaul it. So with regards to the books, it is a normal now. Kids are either book addicts or electronic addicts. Find the stress point for the eyes and I use the following method. Hold out your thumb in front of your eyes to the maximum distance you can. Focus on the thumb so that the background is all blurry but the thumb is clear. Move thumb forward and you will notice that at some point you can feel the stress in your eyes. Any reading you do must be outside this distance, else it causes a great stress in the eyes and 20-20-20 is not effective (in my case atleast).



Hi Matt

My eldest daughter is 18, I keep forgetting she is technically an adult!
She is wearing executive glasses, which are -4.75 at the top and -3.75 at the bottom.
(She wears contacts at school). She wears her sister’s old -2.25 for the computer and no lenses at all for reading and writing.

I found her edge of blur with a text book which was 27cms (-3.75).
Her edge of blur on endmyopia with FOCUS was 29 cms(-3.5).

So with active focus, to get slight blur for stimulus, should she do active focus with the computer screen using her sisters -2.25 and keep moving back as she clears her vision?

Would you suggest she does not do AF with a book as she is not wearing any glasses?

Many many thanks Nicky:))

You are asking @MattE for diopter specifics here. Why not check out the “Start your improvement here” post and look at the piece on differentials again?