Matt's 5 Year Update

I don’t actually know when my start date was, but I’ve been calling it April 1, 2014 because I know it was spring time five years ago. April 1 is about right. Thus, here’s my five year progress update:

After 5 years, I’m still going, but looking toward the finish line. As I’ve written, I started at -5.00 in my right eye, -4.00 in my left, plus about a diopter of astigmatism each. I reduced too aggressively, and hit that plateau in 2017. I broke through it in 2019. According to the 0.75 diopters per year rate of progress, I should just be switching down to -0.75 from -1.00 now. Imagine this - I’m able to read the 20/20 line in good light with the -1.00 now.

I’m still on the intermittent glasses wearing concept. I think this it what it will be until the end. At this point, though, I rarely wear those -0.75 lenses for more than 30 minutes or an hour. They start to get uncomfortable and I’m happier going without at this point.

I’m continuing to get clear flashes, often in one eye at a time. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it, and I get them in both my dominant and non-dominant eye.

One interesting experience I’m having. Now and again, I’ll be looking at text that I can’t quite get into focus. Somehow, I will “know” what it says, which I will confirm by moving closer to the text. I’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come (say, that my brain is perceiving the text clearly, but it’s taking time to feed that clear image to my mind).

I also recently dreamed that I had 20/20 vision. I was walking around my parent’s house, with great clarity, and then I walked outside to check on an eyechart and read straight down to 20/20. It would seem that my “inner mind” knows what 20/20 looks like…

5 years – don’t know how all this will turn out over the next year, but little bit by little bit, I am moving closer to being glasses free. Hopefully, spring and lots of outdoor time will get me over the hump and out of the glasses for good by time next year.

I’m planning a few videos to update on my progress and to share more about my work routine and how I have structured my time to keep myself from getting into ciliary spasm territory.


How you experienced with like a +.5 for when you are on the computer? Also what d o you do for work?

I am a certified financial planner. I have done some experimenting with plus, but not as low as +0.5. +1.00 is the lowest you can buy at a pharmacy.

What I try to do, when practical, is work from a screen that is projected, so that my distance is 100 - 200 cm, depending on what I’m working on and how well I’m seeing at the time. I’ll work something up to describe in more detail, but I also work to schedule my time to keep myself alternating between close work and non-close work.


We are at the same place. More power to you :wink:


I’ll def be doing that, having a big screen far away once I’m back to 20/20

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Congrats :tada::champagne: @MattE :heavy_heart_exclamation::+1::heavy_heart_exclamation:
I hope you’ll check in now and then - so you can read our 5 year and made it back to 20-20 reports later on! (You can set your alarm clock :alarm_clock: for 3 years from now - my 5 years will be in August :joy:)

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So cool Matt! :clap::+1::grinning: I’m really impressed of your journey!

Hey I experience that too! Very interesting phenomenon :grinning: Probably just a step until the image gets in focus almost instantly as it is for those who have perfect vision.


Thanks! Takes time, but so worth it to see the world in real clarity

Surely will do it! I remember reading what improvement reports there were when I first discovered the site thinking I had so far to go. I’m hoping that one more year should do it.

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That’s what I’m hoping. I’m glad to hear someone else has that experience, too.

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Pls share your expereince regarding double vision.
That would be helpful to many of us.


DV is my problem too


Great news Matt. I am glad to hear the someone else only wears the correction for low myopia for 30 minutes to an hour a day and is seeing results. This has been my experience despite starting at a lower myopia and I have started to see measurable results.

I eagerly await your reports of future improvements. Lets beat low myopia!


Double. Vision is a big topic. In short, reducing too quickly seems to add to DV challenges. Willingness to give up to 4 months for each reduction continues to seem to be one of the important factors for long term success.

Perhaps I’ll comment further at some point…


Thanks. To clarify, I wear the -0.75 for 30 - 60 minute intervals, which could add up to several hours per day. There are some days, though, where I barely even wear them.

Agreed, let’s beat low myopia!

Good stuff Matt! Keep up the good work.

I have had dreams where I am active focusing and making things clear. I have wondered if other people do that. I know, a little different than your dream, but similar.

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Thank you! Funny, there’s some common experiences at this stage. We’ll keep going…

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