Meaning of the term Equalising?

I’m new but have seen the term equalising mentioned a lot, and would like a definition so I can understand better what I’m reading. Is it both eyes seeing the same distance to blur regardless of different correction numbers, or does it mean having the same diopter numbers both eyes?

Of course I have one eye better than the other but have been thinking this should not be the priority when just getting started. Recently though I did have my lenses changed so that there’s less of a difference between the 2 eyes. One eye about 20/40 and the other about 20/50 now - for me that’s an improvement.

Thank you in advance for any replies!

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That is correct. Equalizing is putting the same negative value on the glasses.

Thanks Bobby much appreciated. (I won’t be there for a few years…)

Likewise! Best of luck to you!

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Equalising is the process of reducing dioptre difference between your eyes. Please note that it’s perfectly normal if there is a 0.25 dioptre difference between your eyes, because one of your eye is dominant and it will always be better a bit. So this process only concerned to people who has at least 0.5 dioptre difference between their eyes.


I´m a person with only -0,25 dioptre difference. That sounds a little bit like: “0,25 difference -> drop it”. Actually i try to geht from L -1,25 / R -1,0 to both -1,0 before going on. I´m i thinking wrong?

thank you halmadavid! between you and Bobby, now it all makes more sense.

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