Measuring cms to blur problems

Hi there. I’ve been doing EM now since March really and have already reduced my differentials. I feel like my eyes are getting better, I can see things in the distance I couldn’t see at all before, and I can do AF really well. however I’m finding it impossible to measure my cms to blur. I feel I’m doing it wrong because my measurements are not changing! I’m really strict about it, and blur to me is when the end of the letter ‘e’ develops a tiny little tail, or the middle of letter ‘a’ gets a little less clear. I’m pretty much stuck at 20cm both eyes, but I can AF at around 43cms getting crystal clear letters. I feel like I’m doing everything correctly, outside a lot, reduced close up time, using AF while working etc.
Plus it’s so hard to stop my eyes from just AF automatically when I’m trying to find the blur point! It’s very frustrating. Does anyone have advice or a similar problem?

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I was in a similar boat, for a very long time my naked-eye cms didn’t seem to budge, even though my vision was going through several reductions.
If you’re improving, then you’re improving, the cms can eat shit. Eventually, those spiteful snotty cms will bend over and yeld.

I’m still mad at them, for lying to me for so long, making me feel discouraged as if all my efforts were for nothing.


Firstly, if you have astigmatism, make sure you are measuring your good angle and weak angle separately - maybe you are improving on one angle at least (look at lines on the letters for first hint of blur with different angled lines)

secondly, Alex is right, vision improvement consists of multiple parts - cm to blur close -up (measure each eye separately not both eyes!) and also distance vision with both eyes on landmarks/snellen. Jake always said they may not improve at the same time, in fact it might also be one then the other then the other one again

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I measure each eye separately. And yes I do have slight astigmatism so I wonder if that’s the problem.
I measure close up with the naked eye using a piece of paper stuck to a tape measure, and distance to screen wearing differentials. and I measure distance with my Snellen but also a Snellen app which gives me more accurate results. Thanks.

This is brilliant, thanks! That’s made me feel better :rofl:

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I could reduce pretty quickly. But the reductions only worked in good weather, outdoors full sunshine. Once indoors, less sleep, more stress, my vision was a lot worse.
At the beginning the difference between “light and AF supported” vision and the normal vision was more than -1D. Now, 18 months later the difference is -0.5D, and it means I kept the best vision the same, and the not-best vision slowly improved closing the gap.
If you have extra from AF, celebrate it. And just notice the gradual change in the gap. It will happen slowly but surely. Just don’t strain your eyes by “wanting” more improvement.

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