📲 Meow-sure Diopters App: 775 User Sessions!

Meow-sure (measure?) Your Diopters, on your iPhone!!

iPhoneX and newer, hold the thing in front of your face, tap when you see blur, bam, that’s your diopters.

At least in theory. At least if it’s -4.25 or so or less (or use your differentials, and then add those diopters to the results if you have higher myopia).


Work in progress, but progress is happening, and we’ve got a whole 775 sessions for the month so far. So … some darling fellow kittehz are using it it, and ole Jakey didn’t spend five figures worth of developer salary quite for nothing. :grimacing::+1:t2:

******* prior digression paragraph here, cancelled, censored, un-published ********

App, 0f course this is hopefully just the beginning, next up getting the 7 Day E-Mail guide out of e-mail and into app format. Then start with offering customized content recommendations based on measurements. And suggestions based on cumulative measurement data. And gamifying the process for more playful incentive to keep exploring.

And whatever else features ya’lls come up with, keeping ole Jakey out of the strip clubs and on mission for the epic optometry troll-decade.

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@jakey I’m not sure where the appropriate place is to troubleshoot user issues with the app. I am trying to enable measuring distance using the app on my iPhone but I get the message ARFaceTracking not supported. Anyone else seen this?

Needs to be iPhone X or newer. :slight_smile:

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@Jakey, I’m using iPhone 8. Gotta wait until Christmas when maybe I will get a newer phone :slight_smile:

Don’t want to cause any expenditures! It’s a hardware limitation unfortunately.

I think I’ve found a bug regarding manual input :slight_smile: that date doesn’t looks right :smiley:

It was the default when I opened the page. If I tap on it, then it corrects itself and works correctly until I navigate elsewhere and come back.

Ooops! Added to list.

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Is there a way to make the graph view show centimeters (or millimeters) instead of diopters? Or at least make the diopters not just 0.25 steps? It’s hard to judge progress on it with just diopters restricted to 0.25 jumps.


I second this, I like the raw cm data better :slight_smile:

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Indeed it is.

I’m still working out an employment agreement with the (currently contract based) developer. Goal being to have all of his time and attention, and being personally invested in the success of these tools. It’ll probably not be a positive ROI type scenario as far as endmyopia’s :moneybag: bottom line but I’m really feeling strongly that an app (and all the things it can potentially do) is what we want. :grimacing:

Once that’s sorted, we’ll work out some way for an efficient feedback loop as part of development. He will want to know what core users need, and it should be fun for all of us to be able to have a say in what’s being done.

Hopefully by beginning of January. (as always no guarantees, but these are the tiny and also lofty hopes and dreams)

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have to ask now that I’ve had the opportunity to download the app (new phone) which ‘focus’ are we supposed to be looking at for blur? The smallest, largest or medium one? So far I’ve been looking at the smallest one but I’m not quite sure if that’s correct or if it just doesn’t matter.

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I don’t think it matters. The idea is to find the edge of blur. So whichever of them allows you to most easily see when blur starts is the one you should be looking at.

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Quick question: has anyone used a remote or a similar device with this app to trigger the “Save Distance” button? At -1.25 dpt, even my freakishly long arms are of no use…

This what I see on the app

  1. date when manual entry opened is incorrect
  2. when I tap left eye, it measures right eye and vice versa.
  3. distance measured is same with and without glasses.
    perhaps bugs?
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Definitely bugs - a couple already on the list. Thanks for taking the time to update.

Moving the functionality now then will fix the things. :wink:

App shows 24cm even for my house help who has 20/15 vision!!

App shows what distance you claim to see blur at. So … up to the user to make that choice, app is just showing that choice made.

Seriously now ?? I would like to set it to 50 then

You literally tap the button at any distance you like. :man_shrugging:

Ok understood thx

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