📲 Meow-sure Your Distance! We Are In The App Store 🎉

Thaaaat’s right.

Our majesty, the highness of Apple, Inc has decided to allow us inside of its hallowed halls of commerce.

Except not commerce since as usual, we’re not about to make any money.

Before you download the app potentially, please note the back story: THIS IS A BARE BONES TRIAL BALLOON FIRST VERSION.

We stripped out everything from the previous app and just focused on measuring. No more design, no more graphs, no more conversions, no more endmyopia references.

All it does is find your eyes, and tell you how far the screen is from them in centimeters.

Requires iPhone X Or Newer.

Here it is:

And if you can’t get it from the link, search for “Meow sure screen distance”. Because yes, went that far with the no-its-not-medical on this.

This obviously is just the very start. Now we’ll have to actually get to work on the countless things planned for the app.

Feel free to try it out and offer feedback, just consider above. It’s raw right now. But features you’d really want right from the start, let me know.


This is wonderful news! A big step in the right direction.
It seems unlikely that they’ll find an excuse to retract their approval for just some logging and plotting :smile:
Also, I love the name. :cat2:


Thanks. :laughing:

Took a moment of introspection and realizing where we come from and that endmyopia always has been about inside jokes and not being too serious and not trying to put on a facade of “trustworthiness”. Went flying too close to the sun with a serious app and “myopia measuring”, and Apple rightfully burned the wings.

Back to where we belong, in the trenches of wink-nudges and good times. :grimacing::+1:t2:


Respect :raised_hands:t3:
Love the greek mythology reference btw, spot on analogy. May we continue in the path of the wisdom of Daedalus :grin:

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I’m glad there’s finally a happy ending with the app! Seemed like a constant battle against the apple overlords. Looking forward to seeing how you sneak in additional features.


(reposting from FB)
Tried it yesterday! Cool!

The only thing for now in terms of feedback, when you view the log, the “right” or “left” text is black on black so you don’t see it unless you click each result individually. So at first I didn’t think it showed which eye it was.

Also, I was expecting a word like “focus” to be in the center to look at for the blur, but I just used the text above and below the camera image.

Looking forward to seeing the progress on this app. Even without all the original stuff you wanted in it, easily tracking cms is nice! I’ve been on a lull with my improvements lately, so this will actually make my life a wee bit easier as I push to get back to gains.

Congrats on getting it approved!

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The green and red text to focus on like in Varakari’s app would probably be good to keep in line with what opto’s use to set up the last 0.25 D of your prescription

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I found that I cannot sign up from China :sweat_smile:

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Ok I’m a big dumb head. Downloaded on iPad but only get 0cm no matter how far I move it?

it means your ipad don’t have a front camera that equipped with depth sensor. I think this app need to remind user the list of supported devices

thanks - i loaded it on my daughters iPhone and now I can see it but still confused how to use it. Are there instructions for us? SOrry to ask so many questions but eager to use this for me & my daughter

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Once you’ve made an account and logged in, you should hold the phone out in front of you. With the naked eye, move the phone back until it begins to get blurry. Once you’ve found the edge between perfect clarity and the beginnings of blur, press the SAVE DISTANCE button. You can then select the conditions that you took the measurement (time of day and light quality). Once you’ve selected the appropriate options, you can click Store Result to save the measurement. To view all previous measurements, you can click View Log at the bottom right. There should now be a new entry in your log, that contains your distance to blur for your left eye, your right eye, and the date and time. The log is ordered from newest to oldest, so as you make new measurements, they will appear at the very top of the log.


Doesn’t work on iPad or iPhones older than X. Need to add that constraint to the app store visibility.

Will fix the login thing, should be able to measure without an account.

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Congratu-freaking-lations, Jake!!! This is most excellent news!!! :partying_face:


Yay! :heart:

Only took five months and three developers. :grimacing::+1:t2:


And one very determined eye guru.


Pretty cool :slight_smile: A suggestion, give us a test pattern near the camera we can stare at for quality judgement. That can help with getting good measurements :). Also an astigmatism wheel with the ability to mark two distances would be useful in measuring one’s astigmatism.


Oh if a test pattern is provided, it would be nice if we could test with white, green, red (and why not blue :slight_smile: ) backgrounds. Under advanced maybe for the colors, but I’d love to be able to test chromatic differences in my vision distances :slight_smile:


For some reason the app no longer works for me. All I get is zeros for distance. Is that expected? My phone did fall recently, maybe that broke something?

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