Michael's progress report

So I received a (probably automatically generated) mail from @jakey last week, asking about my eyeballs… :slight_smile: So I thought I’d share my reply here as well:

Hi Jake,

I realize this is an automatically generated message ½ year after I signed up for the free e-mails… :slight_smile: But that doesn’t really matter. You asked, so I’ll answer. I feel you definitely deserve some positive feedback in return for all the information you made available to the world for free.

So, how are things going with the eyeballs? Great actually! I’ve started this journey with the following prescription: R: SPH -3.25 L: SPH -2.50, CYL -1.00 @ 178° and I had been wearing glasses for 38 years then. And currently I wear normalized glasses with SPH -2.00 for both eyes and I’m actually considering dropping to -1.75. Actually I’ve been testing those outside for the first time today, and it looks promising. My left eye is definitely up for the challenge, but the right one is lagging behind as usual. So I’m not quite sure yet whether I’ll stick with -1.75 or wait a few more weeks until my right eye has improved some more. I plan to also check how well I can read the subtitles on TV with -1.75 tonight. I also just checked my Snellen chart:
@-2,00: R: 20/25, L: 20/15, Both: 20/15
@-1,75: R: 20/40, L: 20/20, Both: 20/20
And finally my centimeters: R: 36, L: 43
It looks like my right eye is having a bad day today since I’ve seen better cm results (up to 39 cm) with it…

I don’t really measure the centimeters all that othen, since the results fluctuate a lot, and some occasional double vision in my left eye makes it difficult to get consistent measurements. But I’m very much aware of changes in my visual acuity outdoors and when watching TV (looking at subtitles), so I tend to base my decisions more on these things and the Snellen results.

As for my habits: I work at the computer for 8 hours a day 4 days a week, but I’ve installed a timer app (Eyes Relax) to remind me to take regular breaks. Fortunately I hate phones (except for listening to music or audio books), so that barely contributes to my screen time. I try to go for a walk of at least 45 minutes each day, but when I’m off I’m often walking for 2-2½ hours. On these walks I constantly practice my active focus on licence plates, fences, railings, power lines and any text sign I encounter, which is really a lot of fun.
So, as you can see I’m completely with the program and making progress. :slight_smile: I am a bit of a heretic though, since I also still do some sunning and palming… :wink: I feel this really does help to release eye strain, and for me it’s a good way to compensate for all that computer time. I’m not doing any other Bates Method practices anymore though.

The really cool thing though is that my wife is also making great progress! She absolutely isn’t the kind of person to really dive into a subject like this. She just doesn’t want to put in the time and effort. I don’t think she ever visited endmyopia.org. But I’ve shown her a couple of video’s and told her all about the stuff I’m doing to improve my eyesight. She was very sceptical at first, but when she saw I was making progress she decided to give it a try as well. So we ordered some normalized glasses and contacts for her (she doesn’t need differentials since she has low myopia). She also succeeded at active focus on the very first try… Just incredible! But then, she hasn’t been wearing glasses/contacts for nearly as long as I have (about 6 years). Anyway, she started out with a full prescription of R: -1.25 L: -1.75 (and probably a slight cylinder correction, that we weren’t sure about because she no longer had the prescription for her glasses) about 4 months ago. And now she wears -0.5 contacts at work and when driving, and goes without glasses otherwise, except when watching TV in the evening, when she puts on -0.5 glasses. She never thought it possible a few months ago, and now look at her!
So yeah, things are going very well, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site. Thank you very very much for putting this information out there, Jake! Keep up the good work, no matter what the haters say. I’m convinced you’re really making a big difference in the lives of many people.

Kind regards,

Michael Bassano

BTW, I’ve decided to stick with the reduced (-1.75) normalized and I think that’s going quite well so far.


Love the updates, Michael!

And yes, semi automated. I’m genuinely curious what happens with people after they find these resources. And anytime I get a message, it makes my day. :grimacing:

Even better when here in the forum.