Minor errors and typo proofreading

As I’m reading much of the content created by Jake I keep noticing minor errors. I thought I’d start collecting them here. Such errors are off putting to some.

  1. The video (https://vimeo.com/284918319) in the description it’s suppose to link to Diopter Bubble Video the URL given is incomplete and clicking it fails to find a valid video. The correct URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7g4WLoo3WU

  2. On the page https://endmyopia.org/reduce-astigmatism-90-9-months/ Axial Myopia Astigmatism section. ‘before we ant to start working to reduce astigmatism’. I’m not sure if that is intended to be ‘before we want to start’ or ’ before we can start’, but either way, no ‘ants’ required.


Actually, ants play a critical role in reversing myopia, but it’s a bit of a pro topic


Yes, I see. Found on the last line of https://endmyopia.org/charts/

No ants were harmed in making these eye charts.

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  1. Site feedback link ( https://community.endmyopia.org/c/site-feedback ) is dead. It’s linked from https://community.endmyopia.org/guidelines.

  2. TOS is missing a name ‘Your company_domain Account’ . (https://community.endmyopia.org/tos)

From https://endmyopia.org/frauenfeld-mini-series-test-your-eyesight/

  1. What are the four pillars? (https://endmyopia.org/why-is-my-vision-blurry/the-frauenfeld-method-vision-rehabilitation/)

  2. a huge aparatus => a huge apparatus. You will be suprised =>You will be surprised

  3. Who is Alex?

7: If you’re thorough in going through the resources you’ll find out :grin:

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On the list, to eventually have someone to proof read and manage a lot of the content.

Right now it’s just me and time is limited (and I failed out of school after 9th grade, naturally). Will have to charge for more stuff to be able to afford more help maintaining all of this giant mountain of content!


Maybe @Viceroy.Sam wants to volunteer. He seems to be good at it. :smile_cat:

Thanks but no thanks. I’m still a newbie and Jake doesn’t know me and currently for my vision improvement, I’m determined to reduce my screen time!

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  1. On https://endmyopia.org/focal-calculator/calc.html The ‘check your own Snellen (instructions)’ links to itself, seems unintended.


  1. One the days after my intermittent fasts. => On the days after my intermittent fasts


The “mark complete” button at the bottom is broken… tried w both Chrome and Firefox.

I’m going to sit in a corner and cry, for a while.


:rofl: looks like that proofreading project you’ve been meaning to start has been started for you.

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You mentioned that the 20/20 program’s site is starting to crumbling. For some other courses my teacher using this service: https://kajabi.com/pricing/ and to me it seems to be a stable platform for managing courses. I don’t know too much about this because I’m only a user, but it seems to be working for him (he is using it since 2-3 years I think).

Thanks! It’s mostly uncrumbled now, after a pretty intense couple of months of getting that all sorted. Platform moved, underlying issues largely resolved. Now just on to getting all the things updated that are waiting for me to have the time …

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Even though I notice typos and grammar errors, and they often annoy me, I can’t say it has taken anything away from your site, your teachings, and your uniqueness. I would not worry about it at this point. As you have pointed out, there is a ton of content. It would take forever to sift through and fix everything. That’s not really a good use of your time. Keep up the good works!


Every time i see the title of this thread, i keep thinking that it’s content will be about how myopia contributes to typos and poor proofreading. That’s all i wanted to say :slight_smile:

Please don’t.:slightly_smiling_face: Maintaining a website as big as yours is a huge undertaking and you’re doing it mostly out of generosity, not for big bucks! We are lucky to have access to all the content you provide, mistakes or not.