🎥 Monthly Live Stream Q&A (Advanced Users)

Yes, ambitious plan of doing live stream Q&A sessions with you guys!

Meant for advanced participants, ie. if you already made at least 1 full diopter of 20/20 gains. Streams will be hosted here in Le Meow, in a sub-forum accessible to you if you’ve made the gains, and posted at least one video outlining your progress (can be Youtube, Vimeo, other platforms).

Questions, comments, let me know.


Certainly a good think!
But why the video-posting requirement? Would an active participation in the forum and good introduction (with progress report) not be equally qualifying?

Maybe at least show the live-stream afterward to the rest of the forum members, just for the information that’s beeing discussed during the stream.

@Andreas Some darlings may want Jake time for Q&A’s, time that I’m not getting to spend sleeping or sitting at the beach or playing with my kids, time I’m not getting paid for … so that’s the trade. I want videos for the community, I’m willing to trade Q&A time. No reposts, strictly that’s the scenario, give some, get some.

Enough freeloading as it is, let’s be honest.

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Sounds cool! I would enjoy that.

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Kids, plural, do you have more than one now? How old are they? Kids are lovely (and a hassle, but that’s part of the deal of course).

What about those of us who started under 1 diopter? I’m wondering if there will be any opportunity to participate at some point in the Q&A sessions?

Hahahah, I don’t quite qualify yet, but love how something that’s generally considered impossible is used as a requirement! I wonder how the people who call Endmyopia a scam would explain this. It’s all reverse psychology!!! :joy:

But yea, this would exclude low myopes forever. Maybe also allow people who reduced more than 50% from their peak prescription?

Sounds good to me. Thanks for the idea