"Moon Shrinkage" Debunked

We say
“I look at the moon without any lighting and its size of blur fluctuates. Finally, I’ve found AF!!”

Why it’s not
I had anisocoria - my right pupil was wider than left. Then, right eye seen much blurrier despite it was a difference I guess by 1/5 of mm. Eyes begun to see equally when this gone.
So, this change is completely from variation of pupil size as you can look at mirror and see your pupil continuously adjusting its size, then you see more or less clearly depeding on this. I’ve learned how to get a control of pupil size to some extent.

It’s even dangerous!
If you will form a habit of staring at only one point, shrinking peripheral vision, you can get all sorts of eye strain, blur adaptation etc. As well, you will see your pupil shrinked to a minimum size if you will turn on the lighting and look at your mirror.

The choice is your
It’s not only an opinion, but anyway, I could be wrong. Feel free to leave your opinion!


What did you find was helpful in equalizing the size of the pupils to make both eyes see the same?

Nothing. Maybe my eyes were hit by infection. It disappeared now. But sometimes, it reappears.

When people first look at it, yes it is due to the pupil adjusting to the brightness and darkness. But I feel this helps a person learn active focus because they become aware of the system. It’s also not that simple. The whole system of accommodation and pupil dilation is connected via the Edinger Westphal nucleus. The fluctuations are also due to the ciliary muscle… I find it much more unlikely for people being able to change pupil size rather than adjust their ciliary muscle when looking at the moon.

I believe I may have what you have. I know during the endmyopia journey double vision is a symptom. For the last 4 months I have had a good bit of ghosting especially at night. I confirmed with 3 different opticians my prescription thinking it was a prescription issue. However they all confirmed it was roughly the same. I recently noticed and my wife confirmed that my left pupil definitely is a bit bigger than my right. Not by a ton by definitely noticeable. Is this the reason for my double vision? How were you diagnosed with anisocoria and how did you get rid of the issue? For instance I see ghosting all around street signs and any sort of white words on the tv with dark background or lights, etc. the street sign is clear to see the words on it at night but tons of ghosting all around it.