More eye floaters

Hi, since I have started the program a few months ago I have experienced a noticeable increase in eye floaters. This is getting to be not just an annoyance but a real problem as it impairs my reading, focus, etc. I can see from the posts that others have experienced this also. My question is : has anyone pursued on with the program while having this condition, and what was the result? Thank you

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You may be looking too hard and straining your eyes. Try to not put too many efforts to see and not overdo active focus.

Another suggestion: try to “bypass” floaters, look “through” them.

yes, i have experienced them increase too. But I didn’t see any problem reading , focus etc. just they are increased in numbers that’s it.

yeah maybe you’re right , I am overdoing active focus.
is there any science linked to active focus and floaters?

About Active Focus, you will not find much.
About floaters, you can Google and see.

Hard to say if you actually have more floaters or just notice them more now that you’re paying attention to your eyesight, or the visual cortex has to re-calculate how to filter them out as you are making changes.


New research on pineapple enzymes for floaters

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Yeh, I also wonder if it is increased attention and not really an increase in floaters. I told a friend about floaters recently. She did not know what I meant. I told her to look into a very light area - and she was quite shocked “Oh my god what is this?!” She too, had floaters… but never payed attention to them consciously. For the longest time I personally thought everyone had them (I only see them in bright light) and never gave it a second thought…

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I get the impression that when your visual cortex is stressed by adapting to focal plane changes, it struggles to filter out the floaters, which were always there.

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