Most Comfortable Trial Frame?

The trial frame I have has lots of nifty features for dialing in all the adjustments, but they’re not comfortable. I’m looking around at my options for a frame to test a single spherical lens over my contacts for longer periods of time. Any thoughts on trial frame comfort?

Fixed PD plastic lenses, may need to be manually modified with nose pads. They only come in every other PD, but the set covers my range and my husband’s range:

Higher end adjustable frames, the nose pad looks slightly better than what I’ve got, but it’s a decent price for something that might not work:

Mid grade fixed frames, come with nose pads:

Another adjustable frame with something like nose pads. I think this one was reviewed by one of our members, but comfort wasn’t mentioned in the review:

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I’m thinking that although plastic feels cheap, it is lightweight. Anything precisely adjustable is going to be heavier.

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Found a couple listings that you can buy individual PDs rather than a whole set you won’t use much of:

Definitely more comfortable. It’s pretty cheap, the hinges are particularly not great, but works. I think it is secure enough on my face to do normal activities.

I think these were designed for smaller trial lenses than what I have. The optical centers are not in the frame centers. I would NOT recommend these for astigmatism testing.

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This might be mostly a problem with the thickest lenses. -13D is almost concentric.

Another point of reference on concentricity issues, I put hubby’s 1.25 cylinder in and the frames and the lines on the lens don’t point at 90 up and 90 down at the same time. It’s slightly off. But he doesn’t really notice an issue, the cylinder seems to be working for him.