Most of the time life is not so difficult

“data shows that the prevalence of myopia worldwide has increased from 25% in 1972 to 42% in 2002. Asian countries have the highest prevalence of myopia, with a 96% prevalence in Korean 19-year-olds.”

It’s a little bit difficult to see this kind of stats and comparing with what has changed in theses environments in the last decades and not being able of linking the dots… I know there could be several causes but… you don’t need to be Sherlok Holmes…

Another point here is a phrase that I like a lot: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”… I mean, you have the stats, you know some interesting and useful info and all you come with is “we need to flatten the cornea artificially every night…” “we own it to ours patients…” come on!..


From the article … “His advice to students was to follow and become familiar with the research in Ortho-K…”

While they are researching Ortho-K, they might research ‘myopic defocus’, ‘axial elongation’ and the other terms you used, doc :scream:

Don’t tell the sheep to research! :x:


“I also was able to attend the Vision by Design conference in April 2017 where I learned more about this subset of optometry and all the lenses and tools used to manage myopic progression.”

Vision by Design hyperlink points at
So Ortho-K organised a conference to promote their products. They can see that myopia progression is a hot topic so they are trying to get ahead of the curve to be the leaders by forward thinking for the new world post-glasses-selling-only.

Nobody will organise a conference to promote something that doesn’t generate sales. No opto hippie festivals.
It’s all about lenses and tools… Only about tangible and sellable.
How many people would attend an opto conference where the only promoted tangible thing is fake beard but no lenses or tools???


A mysterious genetic condition. Couldn’t be anything else. And flattening the cornea is absolutely a logical step.

Especially once we look at the recurring profit margins.


That reminds me of a famous quote of the legendary Dutch footballer and FC Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff to fractious reporters: “If I had wanted you to understand it, I would have explained it better.”

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hahahahaha that made me laugh, thanks for sharing it.