My astigmatism experience and 3 questions

Hello everyone,

I’ve reduced SPH from -3.25 in both eyes to -2.75 over five months! Now I’m eliminating the astigmatism.

My last prescription shows the astigmatism as:

               CYL   Axis

Right eye -0.75 175
Left eye. -0.50 005

So I set both these to zero so my current normalized is purely -2.75 SPH for both eyes.

Here is what I am noticing. I can see text at far distances, but cars and people are blurry. It’s kind of weird, being able to read a sign far away and yet everything around that sign isn’t that clear?

Astigmatism vision definitely feels different.

1 - Is this normal?

2- The other thing I’m wondering is, how does the eye correct astigmatism. Does it just increase SPH, or does the cornea shape change too?

3 - And finally, any tools/tips you might have for me to maximize my experience for reducing astigmatism?

I love this community, thank you everyone and Jake for your support,



If this was a recent change then you might give it a little time to see if your eyes adapt. If things remain uncomfortably blurry then perhaps eliminating CYL entirely in one move was too aggressive.

Others here have reported success by adding back a little SPH when they removed CYL. While this might seem like a step backwards it could give your system a chance to more comfortably adapt to no CYL correction before further SPH reductions are made.

Presumably you have already eliminated CYL in your differentials.


I have a little bit of experience with dropping astigmatism in one step and am still considering what to do… however I did notice some adjusting already happening!

I made the mistake of ordering reduced glasses before I knew what I was doing. The good news here is I had A LOT of overcorrection in my glasses… so I found out after doing cm measurements that the glasses I ordered were actuall full correction (minus all the over correction) and not reduced normalized! So yay! I can go ahead and use them after all! My initial measurements were 14-16 LE and 33-34 cm RE so about (actually a little worse than-6 for the left eye at night to be specific) -6 LE -3 RE… which just so happens to be what I ordered on a wild guess. By the time they came in the mail my cm were 15-17 LE 34-35 RE and now are 17-18 LE 35-37 RE (so -5.75 LE -2.75 RE rapid improvement likely from starting to relax the ciliary :slight_smile: ) In comparison, the glasses I got from the optimist were -7/-.75 LE -3.25/-.75 right eye… So the glasses SHOULD be slightly over corrected… which is ok because I’m not really ready for reduced normalized. Now remember I ordered those glasses before I knew what I was doing? I left out the astigmatism correction! So it turns out they are slightly over corrected for the right eye… 20/15 in dim artificial lightly… and show I don’t need the astigmatism correction in the right eye so yay right eye astigmatism correction successfully (inadvertently) removed. However, in the left eye I was seeing 20/70 at first… oops… apparently I need astigmatism correction for the left eye. However, I decided to wear them a while and see how it went. By the end of the day I noticed it was getting easier to see… the next day I was measuring 20/50… and the next day almost 20/40… and today 20/40 (but barely) inside dimly lit artificial lighting. Outside yesterday with no sunglssses I was seeing 20/25… with sunglasses 20/40 (but still 20/20+ both eyes together). Today I see 20/25 outside with sunglasses with some noticeable blur starting at 20/30… and 20/15 no sunglasses with noticeable blur starting at 20/20…

So long story short my eye is adjusting… but I don’t know yet to what point it will adjust to in the next few days. If it continues, then I’m sticking with these glasses until I’m ready for reduced normalized, if not I might have to consider getting new ones with some astigmatism correction… working on figuring out just how much before I jump right into ordering though… and REALLY REALLY hoping my eyes adjust enough that I can say goodbye to astigmatism correction completely!


Good for you! I do miss the rapid gains early in the journey, very exciting. :slight_smile:

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Yes a recent change, about 1 week now.

Yes I feel fine, my question was not about comfort, rather that the astigmatism feels different than the spherical blur. When I did the spherical reduction, everything was equally blurred, while with the astigmatism reduction, it seems to be more of a selective blur.

And yes, I already eliminated CYL in my differentials.

Thanks for your reply.

Great to see you’re progressing

How much was your astigmatism in the beginning?
How much astigmatism did you reduce for your first differential?