My Diary from -10

I thought about keeping some kind of a diary about my gainzzz. Even until now the content is quite the same I already have written in my introduction. :sunglasses:

I started off in march 2019 with -10 and -9.5 and some cyl. During summertime I made a lot of gains, so since the mid of august I wear -6.5 as my normalized, which is superb. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This progress is probably due to some overprescription (as many myopes I had supernatural vision with my glasses) and to a huge amount of ciliary spasm.

But now: I don´t make any progress anymore.:sneezing_face: today was a quite sunny day (after a period of rain) and my vision was so bad with those -6.5 glasses, that I think I´ve already lost some of my gains, even though the dark season hasn´t really started yet.
Luckily I´m not totally frustrated, as I also measure my distance to blur, which at the beginning was just 10 cm and during summer reached 14.5 cm and I think during the bad weather period still changed to as far as 15 cm (sometimes). (Although measuring cms as a high myope is quite difficult.)
Besides from the bad weather which means not spending much time outside anymore, another problem is, that I fell back into bad habits again.
In the beginning I totally avoided reading on my phone for example. And I always wore my differentials when reading on the laptop or a newspaper. Now that my mind isn´t constantly obsessed with the Endmyopia topic anymore :wink:, it´s much harder to keep those healthy habits…
That´s it for the first diary entry. To be continued…


Sounds like you really made some improvements, keep it going
good luck!:wink:

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Long time no diary entry. Wintertime was really tough. I knew I wasn´t making any progress, but avoided facing the reality and measuring with my snellen chart.
In february I had the yearly appointment at my optometrist, he did measure my eyesight (dark room and atropine eye drops :crazy_face: ) and figured out that my new “prescription” was -8.0. I was kind of disappointed. At least it was (1.25 diopters) better as at my last visit (in may 2019) and my optometrist is getting more and more into trouble with explaining things away. :grinning:
My own measurement the next day revealed a -7.5. Which means that I had lost about 1/2 a diopter during wintertime.
Shortly afterwards I went on holiday, enjoyed the sun and being back home I thankfully had 20/20 with my -7.0 glasses again. :blush:
Hopefully the progress will go on, even though, due to corona virus restrictions I can´t spend much time outside now.


Maybe you reduced too fast?
And by the way your situation is great. Having this high myopia gives more space to equlize


Yes, good point, I think I didn´t realize when the fast drop of the first diopters (due to relaxing the ciliary muscle) was over and wanted to continue reducing at the same frequency.

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also, as I keep saying, if you measure to your eyeball based on cm measurements, you covert to a contact lens prescription. The opto uses a certain vertex distance e.g. 12mm, at -8 it makes a difference!

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My main measurement for reducing is the Snellen chart. But that´s an interesting information! Thanks! I somehow never really thought about this, even though I also wear contacts sometimes and therefore already do convert my glasses diopters to the contacts diopters.I therefore use the vertex distance of 12 mm, even though I don´t know wether the real difference is 12, 14 or 16 mm, but it seems to be a good guess.