My EM journey video - Laurens

After receiving the go ahead from our great Feline Master General I’d like to share my EM video with you all. I did a lot of mimicking of Jake’s style, so that’s on purpose. Available here:


Woooow! Just watched it! You and Jake together could make a dangerous team! :joy: Fantastic vídeo, funny style, good work at editing and amazing progress. The only bad point is that you have even less beard than him, but even so the message was undubtly clear. Congratulations!

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Beards are overrated. :grin:

@Laurens: Added you to our Youtube Video List

Cheers, Michael

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Nice video!

Thanks for the tip on “That Sugar Film”. I found it on youtube and watched it. I thought it was very informative!

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They are, unless you’re a real Guru of course :smile:

@Laurens…very well produced! Family touches are so nice in videos and give a quick personal glimpse of the producer :blush:

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Thanks for all your kind words @Francesc, @mko, @JeffK, @Mare and @MattE (on YouTube). It means a lot after making an effort that it get’s appreciation from the people that matter.


You are very welcome. Keep up the fantastic gains!

@Sean, thank you so much for your kind YouTube comment, much appreciated! :bowing_man:

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Yes sir! I have to promote my fellow video contributors. :slight_smile: