My Eyes Are Better Together

Is it common to have markedly better vision with both eyes than with either eye separately? That’s true for me. It’s nice that they play so well together, but I was a little surprised at the big difference.

Yes, that’s the normal.


As your eyes improve, the brain is also getting better in putting the 2 visual inputs together to one image.
I found that the power of this extra clarity with both eyes only, reduces with tiredness.

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Same here. I think this is one of several factors in overcorrection. The opto sets your diopter strength based on each eye individually and only then checks how they see together.

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same for me as well. It can also change. For example: If i close my left eye, my right eye sees clearly. But when I close my right eye, my left eye has more blur than seeing with both together or only the right. BUT when i wait a while (keeping the right eye closed) the left one clears up as much/nearly as much as the right eye. Odd, no? But seems to be normal.