My eyes feel strange

I started doing active focus 9 days ago and things started going weird.My precsription before i stated was
And I refused to wear the new prescription
The glasses I wear are the ones I wore in 2018 when my prescription was lower.
I wore them
i don’t know for sure but it was around there
The First 4 days I felt good but now they make my eyes feel heavy
I think this means that my prescription changed
Do you guys think my prescription went lower from 2018?

take rest of 2 or 3 days

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I agree with Abhishek.
Sounds like your eyes could be tired.
You don’t want to over do it.

Firstly, are you measuring your own eyes? How do your cm measurements compare to what was given you?

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Actually the glasses i wore were overcorrected when my eyes got better.I mesuared a -4 at the time so i guess it was overcorrected.I already stopped wearing my old glasses and I feel better.
I have to go buy some new ones now.

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I’ve gone through 8 reductions so far and each time there was a period of adjustment, where my eyes felt strange. Sometimes it started immediately after the reduction and sometimes after several days. In my case my eyes always adapted after 15-30days. I will note that in my past I experienced the same whenever my optometrist increased or changed my prescription as well.

My ruler broke…but i use other things to estamate