My first change!

I’ve only been working on changing my vision for maybe 2 weeks. Today, I sat at my computer with my contacts at the doctor-prescribed correction and couldn’t see the screen as my contact vision was way too strong. In fact, my eyes hurt, and I had to look away! I’m so happy to have that little change. I had been moving things along v.e.r.y. slow due to headaches with the differentials, but using differentials over my contacts for close work and taking out my contacts and using my lesser Rx glasses for computer work has already begun to make a change. I’m heading to the store for different Rx differential lens! The blurry spots from the retinal tears have completely gone in my left eye and are much less in my right eye.

Thank you for all the encouragement and links to videos! I’ve learned so much and have begun teaching what I’ve learned to my children in hopes of keeping them from ever needing glasses.


Yay for the first experiences getting to know those eyeballs better. :wink: