My highly mypopic journey, fear, skeptisim and hope

Hello all.

So I’ll start with giving a bit of background on myself, my eyes and why I’m here. I’ll try and keep this short.

I’m a -10, in my mid 40’s. I’m very active, having done martial arts and yoga much of my adult life and teen years. I’ve worn glasses since I was around 7 years old. I’ve been doing martial arts since I was 12 years old.

Martial arts and high myopia right?! By aged 15 I discovered the magic of contact lenses, and simply forgot that I was so shortsighted.

But… One day I learned something that all high myopes learn. I’m not just short sighted. I’m susceptible to eye issues, someone with a -2 doesn’t really have to think about too much. We weren’t told anything about this in the 80’s and 90’s. Literally, nothing.

I’d had to stop much of my martial arts practice in my 20’s, due to back issues. Fast forward to 2011, my small floaters suddenly become massive. I was told that I have degenerative virtuous due to my myopia, but otherwise everything is fine. I’ve actually continued my martial arts practice since then. I use an eye guard religiously, and keep the sparring light. Its a risk, but I’m not going to stop my passion.

At the time, I was very freaked out. I went for three exams in total, some eye doctors at Moorfields in the UK are great, some are terrible. ( One told me I had lattice degeneration. On a recent exam, apparently 10 years later I don’t have lattice degeneration. But that one told me I have a PVD. I went for another exam, apparently I don’t have a PVD.)

But the last one I saw in 2011 just said; go and live your life. So I took a job at sea, and even spent a few month in Antarctica.

So recently, I’ve had an exam and told that my eye pressure is in the safe zone but a little high. Around 18-20. Looked it up on the internet, annndd that’s where things snowballed. A lot more information has been released online about high myopes. If you go online and head down the wrong rabbit hole, you’ll be up at 3am convinced you are about to go blind.

Thank you for reading this far. I’m going to do a part 2 below.


The past few weeks have been filled with much anxiety and research.

My conclusion with regards to minimizing my chances of getting eye disease are;

  • To keep my body as healthy as possible. There seems to be conclusive evidence that overall physical health, will contribute to eye health. Diabetes and blood pressure seem to affect people in late mid life, to old age. There seems to be a direct relationship between blood pressure, and eye pressure. So high blood pressure and/or diabetes for me could affect my eyes more seriously than someone with less elongated eyeballs.

Method for this; much exercise (more of it outdoors), good diet, no drinking/smoking, good sleeping pattern, positive mindset.

  • To not be such a worry head. Stress is a killer. It causes many health issues. If you stare at a screen at 3am worrying about your eyes on a regular basis, you’d be better off worrying about heart disease.

  • To work on the above. As with one of the videos that was posted on this forum, it takes 6am starts with a positive attitude, and much time and practice.

I do practice chi gung eye exercises, but understand this isn’t the place to go into detail. I don’t practice them to reduce myopia(am open to that if it happens!), I practice for health. I get a nice warm, glowy feeling in the eyes at bedtime which is very relaxing, and beats eyestrain/ laying awake worrying about my eyes.
Will briefly add, if you are going to practice chi gung eye exercises you have to practice chi gung and not just the eye exercises alone. That would be like trying to learn to punch with one hand, but without developing the rest of the body. A chi gung routine for me lasts about 1-2 hours, with the actual eye exercises being about 15 minutes at the end.

I found this site last Friday. I’ve read through it for most of the weekend. I didn’t actually come here to improve my vision, I came to preserve the health of my vision. Like yourselves, I’ve always been told that its impossible to make the myopic eyeball shorter.

I’ve previously dismissed the stories of healing myopia. So I’m naturally skeptical. Maybe this is a fake site, run by one person who has invented all these stories. This is after all, the internet.

However, I learnt with my journey to heal my back that conventional medicine can’t always been trusted. I was crippled with back pain aged 23. No more training, which was incredibly depressing. The doctor just wanted to hand me pills. That wasn’t good enough for me. So I tried unconventional methods and got results.

You can’t heal back pain with conventional medicine. They don’t know how, and they wont admit it. I’ve even had a top doctor admit that. And pain killers is a billion pound/dollar industry.

Only in very recent times have they started to admit the value of acupuncture and yoga. But it still wont get much of a limelight. A western doctor is many things, pill dispenser for pharmaceutical corporations being one of them. Said corporations are in it for profit, not health.

So I can relate to what Jake is saying, regarding the optometry industry. And it is indeed true that myopia lens based prevention is now becoming commercially available for children. That probably would have been dismissed with scorn 20 years ago.

If my eyeball can be shrunk down to even -7 from -10, I have less chance of eye disease. At -5ish, you are in the ‘moderate myopia,’ zone.

Even going down to -8 in a year would be a miracle. -5 would prove the existence of God :slight_smile:

So I’ll use the free info here, and give this a go working alongside the work and research I’ve already done regarding the health of the eyes.

Will probably have a lot of newbie questions.

Thank you very much for reading.


Welcome to the forum. You are the 3rd person I ‘know’ of with -10. The other 2 made progress (now around -7 and -6). I’m sure you could too. Look forward to seeing you around here and all the best :slight_smile:


I am 18, have -10 (-9 contact lenses). Nearsighted since I was below 5 years old. Have moderate astigmatism. Had strabismus. 1.5 years in EM, stopped progression but no improvement so far.

I figured out I have a chance to quickly go back to -7, or at least to -8.5 by analysing how did my myopia progress: there were 3 leaps by -1.5 D in a year and axial myopia usually doesn’t change more than 0.75 D a year.

Although any cycloplegic refraction says no and -10 is my “true” myopia value, I have a clue ciliary muscle can depend on external eye muscles and they are not balanced in my eyes: I had strabismus, it’s worse than myopia and astigmatism no matter how high: in my case, I was left with a choice - education/work or safety for eyes in terms of myopia not progressing even further and improving (or expensive prism).

I also had spine pain. Even more, I had minor scoliosis with all-body muscle imbalance leading to joint problems. But, I realized these issues I listed above worsen either after sleeping or after… Eating! As well, osteopath tested my muscles and found that he probably finds only one cause of muscle imbalance. Indeed, my left chewing muscle was tight. After, he realized that my teeth close badly. And now, I am where I need to be: I repair my teeth, spine and eyes all at once! And I have the EM knowledge, so as these issues go away, I am left with plain myopia which is generally easy and straightforward to effectively reverse.

Yes, mesio occlusion class 3 isn’t the thing I can wish to anyone; although the worst issues are from cross bite and jaws asymmetry.

I started from the Starecta method and mewing. Now I went for OSB (french: organisation spatiale de la bouche) due to my unusual problems and to save then straighten my impacted wisdom teeth.

The also brilliant part I can get rid of skeletal class 3 without surgery!! It’s healthier and times cheaper. Although I need 2-3 years and the perfect results aren’t guaranteed: maybe I still will need to remove my wisdom teeth due to the method in fact working way slower or my class 3 situation will be not solved in that timeframe.

I can’t say how I am satisfied with the results I have for now: 6 months with Starecta and mewing, 3 weeks with OSB. Now I have much more stamina, I forgot about back pain and heartburn. Today is the first day I can see without strabismus and prism after working in my phone! I can run and do exercises much more than before these methods. I forgot about mouth breathing. Even if I run on maximum speed for 20 minutes or run with some weight I always breathe through my nose.

Not deserves to be not mentioned OSB. My teeth are straighter in just 3 weeks wearing activator splint at night sleep and 1-2 hours cumulative per day. I feel even straighter and I start to notice the remaining leftovers from my strabismus are getting buried in the past. I am so happy I pay $100 a month for 2-3 years for health improvement, not deterioration like some of people do all life.

Good luck on your journey :kissing_heart: I hope you will go much easier than me and will have insane first improvement!


I believe in God. And all thanks :heart_decoration: I give Him, not myself. I believe He wants me to be fully healthy, 24/7/366. No, any improvement, reversal or even if my all wishes suddenly will become the reality doesn’t prove me the existence of God. Just critical and impassionate thinking.

That’s no miracle, axial length goes both ways under the proper stimulus no matter whether believe you or your optometrist. And there’s a ciliary spasm, or bulged lens part which allows to quickly reduce your prescription from -10 to average of -8, what if you’re the case. If you were not so destructive in your eye habits before EM, you have a chance for -7! In half year. Share your progress with is (and me), although I am motivated without many facts, you can supercharge my motivation :slight_smile:

I just not dismissed everything is possible and I continue to do so. The results you see in my first message. That’s how I found and accepted EM higher than optometry. I am sure I will go to 20/20 without glasses. The thing is to find the appropriate method! I’ve not found a better natural method than EM, but you can challenge me :slight_smile:


I understand your doubts, but this method is the real deal, once you are around for a while you will see the stories come from real people all over the world. You can visit student channels (including mine) to further validate this, and there are podcast style interviews with a number of people who have reduced their myopia. I expect if you keep digging you will not just settle for staying at -10 but will choose to begin your own journey to improvement. Best wishes whatever you decide.


Thank you. I’d be interested to hear their stories.

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Thank you very much for the reply.

Sounds like you’ve had a lot going on. I can relate to the back pain, that was my first big quest for health in life. Back pain can be completely debilitating and depressing. Not only did I have to stop my martial arts training as I mentioned, but it got in the way of my guitar playing which is a massive passion of mine.

So good that you have been attending to your issues.

I’m firmly convinced that there is a link between the eyes and physical alignment. Specifically the cervical vertebrae.

Iyengar yoga worked for me. I train in other stuff also, but the bulk of my practice over the years is Iyengar yoga.

You are young and started this journey at an age, most young people would just be partying. You’ll be a Master one day :slight_smile:

Very good to hear that you can exercise, and have more stamina. That is a great sign. Keep it up, and never give up :slight_smile:


I’ve been watching the videos, including yours. Thank you for making them.

If I see 1D improvement in my vision, this would be a complete miracle. I’d quite happily sign up for a year.


It can certainly happen, though I rather doubt you will settle for 1D once you see your eyes improve :smiley:


So cool! Pictures!

100% I do this also.

Try to remind myself that it’s always the things I don’t plan for or worry about, that actually happen. The worry just took up space that could have been used for more positive emotions and experiences.

Love this. Imagining myself having that much motivation to just troll the world. Thousands upon thousands of posts, so many threads and conversations, the whole Facebook group, all those Youtube comments, the videos from fellow explorers, all of it. It’d be EPIC.

Just kidding. :joy:

Entirely possible though, a group of people with a common psychosis. Or just all hypnotized by the placebo effect. Or just general madness. I’ve found some thyroid groups that are into insane stuff that I’d never do and that seems totally unwise, but there are enough of them where you almost think … maybe they are on to something/

So, skepticism. Healthy.

Also check out all these high myopia progress stories. I promise they aren’t made up by me (though above placebo stuff, still possible): Starting Point: High Myopia - Endmyopia® - Improve Eyesight Naturally

Quite curious about all of this.

Thanks for the great intro post! Hope you find some good stuff here and get those eyeballs back into the single digits soon.


Megan’s podcast is one of my favorites. I forgot about Rui’s … Hers is also a great listen. (Jake has posted the link in his comment)

The other is a gentleman from my neighbourhood garden. He is not on the forum yet. Maybe once he joins, he will post his journey :slight_smile:


60 years old, zero surgeries! “Before” on the left, “After” on the right. The treatment took 3 years.
(c) Emanuela Favetti, Aleksandr Grigoriev

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Hey, nice intro and welcome!

I am sure once you start using differentials, for up close, you will improve at least 0.5 D within a few weeks. The rest, well, up to you if you can nail all the needed habbits - after that it’s much harder

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Some people gain up to 2-2.5 D just in 3-6 months after changing habits or finding AF.

In my opinion, axial length reduction happens and I believe Jake that it happens on a rate up to 0.75 or even 1.00 D per year as for dioptric equivalent. It can go slower that that, but in this case 99% something goes wrong and we’ll need to address that in order to achieve a normal improvement rate.

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My issues were very critical, both short- and long-term

I like partying :partying_face: although I find a very little partying in what my peers call that name.
Maybe I lost too much to qualify as a ‘normal’ person in an average counter-inclusive Western Ukraine young society and that’s from there… Although I can say I decided with my lifestyle like my grand dad decided a long before and now he’s cycling 15km each day (his garden is at 7 km from him) at 85 years old, so it’s impressive.

Without diverting into philosophy, can say how in my opinion the popular things are.

  • Sex? Thanks, I will have a wife and there it goes. I don’t like to ruin anyone’s life and even call it love.
  • Alcohol? It is not better for teeth than tons of candies when it’s excessive. Health of muscles (eyes, spine, digestion) is rooted there. Missing or infected teeth are a bad enough treat for health from what I know.
  • Just a bit for relax? I think I have better means for relax than constantly screw the bolts in my brain using a magic liquid. And become dependent on that. I have dependent in my family after all.
  • Smoking doesn’t deserve to be here. Its numerous harms are not worth to even know about.
  • Drugs? Why to make a subscription for another evil. I’d like to become less dependent on everything, not more.
  • PMO? Every letter means garbage. It’s clear for me the more time I could spend on this, the even worse would be dependence on these things. Well, the third letter goes to the first item in this list - only this way it’ll be good for me.
  • And after having a negative on all this, I realize that helping others is a good thing. Although before others I should help myself, and don’t expect others to fight my own battle and let they know the main warrior in their life is each of them, not me or anyone third.
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I searched a bit on Google, couldn’t find anything in Thailand for this. No hopping on planes now either to ask people.