My ideas on Irregular Astigmatism

This is a rather murky topic, and I couldn’t find much information about it on the internet, so take everything with a grain of salt :wink:

So, when I found Endmyopia, I thought just blinking hard to clear a lot of blur was Active Focus (it usually cleared to 20/20 but with some weird artifacts around lights). Silly me…

When you start doing that too much, eventually the cornea will start becoming sensitive to the pulling of the blinking muscle on the cornea. And eventually, the aberrations and image misalignments become permanent and more evident as the cornea is more sensitized, as it no longer can keep its round shape.
This state, if kept for too long, could possibly progress to keratoconus (the cornea bulging outward), or just start interfering with your ability to focus anything at all in low light.

Oddly enough, for me, some of the times I experienced this astigmatism getting worse, my myopia got better somehow. Forcing clear flashes by pressing on the cornea might work, but you have to be REALLY careful with that.

In my personal experience, a temporary fix for the deformed cornea is just going into a dark room and letting your eyes adjust to darkness. I have no idea if this could be made permanent. Or just taking a break from endmyopia for some weeks might help your cornea heal.
And of course, if your vision starts to get funny after hours of close-up, it’s best to relax your eyes for a good while.

I’d like to know what you guys think about this.

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looks like you didn’t AF, you changed your cornea to see better. The same as LASIK does. It’s not AF at all

I just take the crazy aberrations and double vision/ghosting as symptoms of reshaping a very sensitive piece of optical equipment. I’m not trying too hard to try to “fix” it because I suspect that it’s part of the natural re-calibration process and the retina might need to see artifacts in order to permanently correct the eye in the right direction.