My introduction and quick progress so far in less than a week

Hi all, very excited to be here. My name is Linda and I live in Ontario, Canada.

I started researching natural vision after my optometrist suggested bifocals and I said, I don’t think so!

I’m 55 and have had mild myopia since probably grade school - I would memorize the eye chart and cheat on the eye tests we had in school. In university I got very good at listening to lectures and taking notes that way - tricky for a visual learner!

While I was in university a boyfriend got me to get myself glasses so I would be a safer driver. Time passed, had kids, had jobs…

An ‘expired’ prescription that I got while exploring Bates methods is OD -2 and -.75 and OS -1.75 and -1.25 - this was 2017. While I was supposedly working on my vision, hahaha, watching the odd webinar, getting excited and palming and sunning and swinging for a few days and then giving up again, my vision got worse OD -2.25 and -1.00 OS -2.00 and -.1.75.

The other day, like, a few days ago, on Sunday I think, I got an email from Jake (I noticed I was already subscribed…huh…) and I signed up for the 7 day email - hmmm, on day 4, so I guess it was 4 days ago. I was watching one of the interviews Jake does on YouTube and there was an understandable Active Focus description, so I picked up a bottle on my desk, noticed a blurry line, blinked and it cleared - omg!

So, I’ve started challenging my vision (I stopped wearing my glasses in 2016 or so, only for driving…) with closed caption on YouTube videos and an eye chart on the wall and during morning dog walks.

And…this morning, I moved my monitor back 7"! That puts my stronger eye in -1.5!!! better than 2017 - it’s amazing! Hubby is hoping it will make me see the need to clean better…lol…

So, clearly happy to be here,
ps have noticed my astigmatism has totally improved too - a lot less double vision


Welcome to the forum :blush:

Magic, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Make sure you get enough reference for clarity at distance, i.e. you wear corrections to keep your brain aware what clarity should look like at a distance. That’s a key for improvement.


It IS magic, lol, well, I didn’t start this method 4 or 5 years ago because I thought I’d need to buy glasses and I had stopped wearing glasses - except for driving of course! Now I’ve already managed to get down to 1.75/1.50 which is amazing!
But I do see your point about getting enough reference for clarity at a distance, I think that’s where I may need to wear my glasses…sigh…


I went and got my eyes checked today. It was a bit confusing, I guess my left eye was having a bad day. Right eye: -1.75 cyl: -1.25 and left eye: -2.25 cyl: -1.50. I have noticed, when I’m taking cm measurements that my eyes switch back and forth. Technically my left eye is my dominant eye and usually gets the better measurement - not this morning though - maybe it has white coast syndrome, lol…

After some thought I went ahead and ordered my first pair of Zenni’s with -1.5 sph for both eyes and -1 cyl for both eyes. I have glasses that work great for me now, but the coating is crazed as the glasses are so old, and I could not get the prescription from them.

I guess I’ll see how it goes.

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After trying my first pair of Zennis and finding my eyes actually got worse, I ordered a second pair with -2 shperical and no cylindrical correction. I got them yesterday.

Hubby is going for an eye check today so he knows what he’s working with. He has started wearing the +1 glasses when working close up and is reporting that it feels better - yay! He will be ordering his differentials soon. He’s loving the Zenni prices too.


Both eyes? How are they? Do you use those now or alternate with the other glasses?
Having both the -1.5D with the -1cyl and the -2 without cyl will really show you how much you are actually relying on the cyl correction.

Hubby just seems to go with the relaxed EM flow. Good for him

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Yes both eyes. I don’t wear glasses very often. See, I have not worn glasses for years, but my eyes were slowly getting worse, then I stumbled upon the EM program.
Now, I do have astigmatism, but adding that into my glasses didn’t seem to help. So I removed the -1 cyl and added .5 to the spherical and got -2 for both eyes.

I won’t be using the -1.5 with the -1 cylinder - my eyes and brain don’t seem to like them.

I wear the glasses sometimes when I’m outside to remind my visual cortex what clear is supposed to be!

Yes, my hubby just had his eyes checked, got a glasses prescription and ordered a new set of contacts - cause I need them to drive!!! Yes dear… at some point he will order those differentials. He’s very relaxed about it - I tend to jump in and start swimming right away, lol… but we have different journeys.

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