My journey back to great eyeballs

Hello fellow glassbearers. :smiley:

I’ve decided to put my journey on the forum as well, not just in a complicated word document.

So I’m starting out with -5 R and -4.75 L.
That is what my optometrist gave me a year and a half ago. Also a bit of stigmatism, but he didn’t include it in the paper he gave me. (He was wildly unsatisfied that I didn’t buy 250€ glasses from him :no_mouth:)
I’ve been wearing only contact lenses for about 10 years. I hate glasses. They get foggy, my head hurts, and I have to turn my head around if I want to see something that’s not straight ahead. I also destroy them quickly because I am reckless. :flushed:

But since my last visit at the optometrist, contact lenses give me eye strain and in the evening I go to sleep earlier, just because my eyes are so tired and can’t look anymore.

So after a month of crazy research mode (I love doing that! :nerd_face:) I got my first pair of differentials. I am wearing them now for the first time. WOOOW :sunglasses:
I’ve decided to go with -3.5 R and -3 L.
And I know, I have made a bigger difference between left and right eye. But measurements keep giving me 0.5 difference, and my current prescribtion is very uncomfortable for me. With the differentials now my eyes seem much happier.
I think I could drop the diopter a little bit more for my differentials, but hey it’s my first pair and I think I did a pretty good job.

I already have a developed habit of looking far away from my computer, because of the horrible eye strain I’m dealing with. I also currently live somewhere in the middle of a forest and I spend a lot of my time in nature.

I am looking forward to this journey and I am super hyped. :partying_face: I always knew there’s a way to make my eyes great again ( :rofl:). And I think I have finally found the right place. Jake thank you so much for making all this stuff available. :innocent:

I can’t wait for a month to pass so I can order my first normalized.
In the meantime I will keep exploring the forum and take good care of my eyeballs.

:wave: :grin:


Surley I can not wait the whole 4 weeks for my first normalized… so before I opened my last pack of contact lenses I ordered a small package of “normalized” lenses.
So I dropped from -5 R and -4.75 L to -4.75 R and -4.25 L.
I will see how it will go in the evening but so far I see ZERO difference. I can still see till the end of the world :flushed:

In the morning as I was outside taking care of the animals I saw perfectly. After half an hour with my differentials behind a computer the vision outside was a little bit worse but it completely cleared up in around 10 minutes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can’t wait to see how everything will be in a few weeks time when I’ll be ordering normalised glasses. Will probably have to order new differentials too, since I already have to sit far away from the computer. :face_with_monocle:

On the other hand I’m pretty proud of myself since I have gained a lot of mindfulness regarding my eyeballs. I keep checking in with them, and I realize many different “feelings” they have. :laughing: :laughing: