My Journey from -3.5

Hi Guys,

I am starting this new thread to give updates about my vision journey !
So I discovered EM in Nov 2020. Went through the 7 day email Guide and ordered my first Diff. I want to take it slow and steady so I got my first Diff with 1.25 D Reduced in both eyes. And so far I have been loving this Diff experience. As a working professional I sit in front of the system around 8-9 hours a day ! I Somehow make sure to get up from the desk once at least every 2 hours and follow 20-20-20 rule. I make sure to go for a walk for at least 1-2 hours every day.
So after 6 weeks of my 1st Diff, I just ordered my first Norm. And now comes my confusion :-

I ordered my first new Norms with a 0.25 reduction from my actual full prescrition. But I feel no difference when I wear those. I feel the same way when I wear my Regular Opth prescribed glasses. I even feel a little nauseous wearing the new Norm since its just been 2 days. Now, my confusion is how to move forward. I doubt that I can do AF with this Norm (I am actually still figuring out AF). Should I do another set of reduction?

Thanks guys for all your help and support.

What is the difference in clarity on Snellen with your full prescription vs. your first new norms? If nothing, you should consider another reduction. If there is difference, investigate it under different conditions with lights and times of the day.

That is a little surprising, as you have only made a small change. Are you sure that you filled in the prescription accurately? Compare your old prescription and your self-prescription carefully, and check on the PD as well (pupillary distance). I am sure you did, but it is always worth while checking. Are you sure the glasses are not defective?. It could also be a change in lens quality. You may not have reduced enough if you have already improved by wearing diffs, but this should not cause any nausea - but possibly explains why you see no worse with these than in your full prescription., especially if you are in the high myopia range where 0.25 may not make enough of a difference…

If you have astigmatism and you also reduced cylinder correction in your norms, this could cause some initial nausea or vertigo. If not, this removes another possible reason. Perhaps give them a few more days before writing them off. Good luck

I use 3 m Snellen chart. With both eyes open, I do not see any difference. But if I look through my left eye alone(which has lesser myopia and higher Astigmatism) I see a little dull lighting, but still I can read the 20/20 line of chart. I felt like may be I should go for another reduction, but not sure if I should do only for right eye or both. My left is not unreadable but there is some difference(very very minute).
I was remember reading, that reductions should be same in both eyes, at least in the initial stages. Thats why I thought may be I can reduce both eyes another 0.25 (making a total of 0.5 reduction in first Norms).

The nauseousness has reduced with time. I did recheck the prescription and doesn’t look like any issue there, though I did not check PD as I did not mention any value for that while booking the glasses online. I will go to an optometrist to get that checked. Thanks for that point.
Regarding quality, I think there is a difference as my actual prescription was from an optometrist and it costed around 100 USD but the new Norms I got online for 20 USD and this is the first time I am wearing these online ordered glasses for distance vision. So I guess that might take me time to adjust.
I have moderate myopia - le -2.5 and re -3.5.
I do have astigmatism but I haven’t touched it at all as these are my first Norms, I will only change them after at least another couple of reductions.

I am surprised you could even order online glasses without mentioning the PD. There may have been an ‘average PD’ put in by the lens makers, but this is highly unlikely. This could make a pretty big difference between your opto glasses and your online glasses. You can measure PD yourself - plenty of advice on the forum for this. Unless you find out what PD was put into your online glasses, the only way to test them, as far as I know, is to take the lenses out of the frames and to move them further in towards your nose, or out from your nose, to see what distance gives you the clearest vision. If these are the distances you get when the lenses are in the frame, you are fine for PD. I discovered this by accident, as I was mixing and matching lenses, and found that the PD for my left eye is not exactly the same as that for my right eye.

If your opto is willing to measure your PD without too much fuss (realising you are probably buying glasses online) this is likely to be the most accurate.

We learn from our mistakes, and your 20 USD is not likely to ruin you. Do not use glasses with a PD that is way off. Good luck figuring this out.

Thanks for the guidance @Ursa! In India we have an online seller who has retail shops also open in some places, that’s where I got my glasses from and I went to the physical store and asked him about the PD. Before going I also measure PD at home and it came around 60 mm total and more or less equal for both eyes.
When I enquired him about me able to submit the power without PD, he told they have considered from my previous order(that I had done for differentials) I checked that number it was same 60mm split equally. My diffs I ordered through the optometrist and he entered the power and he had measured and added my PD then. So, I think got saved this time ! PHEW! But I ought to be more careful the next time ! I really appreciate your help in figuring this out.
I wore the new Norms today full day, my I did not have any nausea, just had a little eye strain sometime in-between , may be my eye getting used to the new Focal Plane ! But hopefully would be fine soon.
I will take yours and BiancaK’s advice to spend a little more time with these before writing it off! I am sorry fo rambling so much here, since its my initial stage, I get worried with everything ! :sweat_smile:

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I am very happy to hear that your PD was fine. I was not aware of this system in India. Don’t worry about the rambling - I did a fair bit of that in the beginning, until I found my way on the blog and forum, and from my own online research on myopia.


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My first two diopter reductions gave me just as good vision as my “prescribed” lenses had. So I knew that I needed to reduce the diopter more. It sounds as though you are having a similar experience with your first reduction.


There’s no need to rush the norms reductions.
You can stick to the current “just 0.25D” drop for a while and enjoy the gains with the differentials.

Alternatively, you can get the next norms and see if they give you a manageable challenge. Those will be your next pair of normalised glasses anyway, no? So if they give you a better challenge, good for you.
However, if they give you too much challenge, you can keep the current pair and park the next pair until its time. People seem to think they can only use one norms, and once they changed they changed, no stepping back.
I did it slightly differently: first I used the stronger / previous (in your case the first 0.25D reduction) on most days, then I introduced the next norms 1 or 2 days a week (in your case it would be the 0.5D drop) => challenging my eyes on some days and letting them enjoy clarity with less effort on the other days, then I gradually increased the number of days wearing the lower prescription until reaching 7 days a week. Then I got that stabilized and then I started introducing the next lower pair with the same alternating method.

@DirkVA is correct. With the first reduction you may have to drop more to get to a meaningful challenge. But then, you have to be careful and know how much is too much, as too much challenge blocks improvement. And I’m afraid you are the only one who can judge that over time.

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