My journey from -4.25 - Halmadavid

So as I wrote in my introduction I started to actively using active focus and be conscious about my eyes at the start of march. My -3.5 normalized was pretty blurry then, about 20/40 in indoor lights (though I was using them for years, again, see introduction). In the middle of March I measured 20/20 on snellen in indoor lights with them! I switched to -2.25 differential, waited 4 weeks. At that point I had almost no blur challenge nor indoor or outdoor.
So I got the new normalized in the middle of April as a -3.25. I could read 20/50 on snellen with indoor lights. I will be honest the first few days and the first week was pretty disheartening. Blur every and even with af I could just make it a bit less blurry and not clear. But I said to myself that it’s normal and be happy to have blur challenge. After 1 week it got much better and today (May 1) I measured 20/20 with both eyes on Snellen (20/25 and 20/30 on separate eyes)! It was indoor but strong sunlight, so I would not necessarily consider it as true 20/20 but I’m pretty happy with it. So the current plan is to order a new differential (-2.00) which takes 2-3 weeks to ship from Zenni, so hopefully I will be able to change to them as soon as they arrive.

March 1: -3.5 -> 20/50
March 18: -3.5 -> 20/20
April 20: -3.25 -> 20/50
May 1: -3.25 -> 20/20


This is encouraging to read Halma. I’ve started at exactly the same point as you but about 7 weeks later although you seem to have taken a slightly bolder step on your first normalised. I may have been a bit too conservative because with my new normalised (at 3,75 both eyes) I have fairly little AF challenge in good light. But I do notice that taking the time to pick out details that I’d normally just assume I can’t make out is pretty satisfying. And it’s as if I notice stuff is sharper from time to time. Will keep track of you since we seem to be on more or less identical journeys!


Thank you. Interesting that you went 3.5 to 3.25 rather then straight to 3.0.
Are you using different glasses for the computer? How much different?

The Endmyopia recommendation is 0.25 dioptre per reduction. And as I wrote the first week was hard enough with 0.25 reduction, I don’t think I would had useful active focus with 0.5.

For close-up I use -2.25 currently.


Gains update: today I reduced to -3.0 :tada: Which also means that now my normalized is the same dioptre I used first for differential :slight_smile: (though not the same glasses because I found a much more comfortable frame than my first differential was).


Update: I’ve reduced the differentials to -1.75. It’s a bit sooner than 4 weeks, but I’m already seeing 20/20 indoor with artificial lightning with my current -3.00 normalized, and also had hard time to being at the edge of blur with my -2.00 differentials (especially when at reading / mobile phone).


Reduced normalized to -2.75. Again, it’s only 3 weeks, but my eyes seems to be more than ready for this, there is not much blur challenge in the distance anymore (in daylight). If it would be autumn with less brightness I may wait a bit more, but I see no reason for it with as much sunny days as we currently have.


Hi David,
Well done :+1:
I wonder about wearing differentials for smartphone usage. My acuity is around 39cm yours will be similar. Is it better to use differentials and keep the mobile 50cm or farther away?

I know Jake had mentioned this in a video but I thought he meant it for healthy eyes. I personally do not wear differentials for mobile usage as 40cm seems to me like reasonable.

I think both is ok. Either hold closer and don’t wear differential, or wear differential but hold the mobile farther. I do both.


I wanted to write this post for a few weeks, but ultimately I’ve done in another topic, so just having a link to have it here too :slight_smile:


Also my eye is ready for reducing differential to -1.5 since about a week, but my Zenni order got stuck at customs, so has not been arrived :angry: (which also means $30 extra… )
But the good news if it arrives, then theoretically I have all glasses which I need to go back to 20/20 :smiley: The advantage of not having cyl and that my eyes was pretty much equalized at the start, so I can use past differentials as normalized :slight_smile:


So glasses here, today I started to use the -1.50 differential. I’m not 100% sure it’s really ready, but so far seems ok.


My eyes are soon to ready to reduce to -2.5 (scheduled to somewhere around oct 25). Which is a good news because of two things: first, it means I can maintain the improvement rate while there is much less sun during the days and also because with the -2.5 normalized I will reach my first differential. Well that differential was even a bit weak and I had to increase it to -2.75, but that’s just even better :slight_smile: And I don’t write it because I want to brag, but because I’m still cannot totally believe that it’s truly possible. And that after ten years of glasses wearing and constantly worsening vision, I can really improve it. And it’s the reality and not just some dream :slight_smile:


I reduced my normalized to -2.50 today. I was planning to do next week, but it so bright in these days and there is no work until Thursday, and my felt really ready in this morning, I could see pretty well even without glasses (well of course compared to the blur amount at this point of myopia). So I did a try, could see Snellen 20/40 without problems, with some active focus it went down to 20/25.
When I reduced I also realised that lately I only had blur challenge only at really far away distances and also almost no indoor blur challenge (while because of the weather and short days I spend more and more time indoor unfortunately).
The -2.75 will stay in use for a bit though, because in the morning it’s still dark when I drive to work, and the -2.50 would be weak there I think.


Congratulations on such excellent progress. You must have great habits and excellent discipline.

I’m really interested to keep following your progress!


This morning my eyes felt great, I checked and with only indoor lightning I could see 20/200 (the big E) without any glasses with a bit of active focus :partying_face:

Also 33 - 33 cm on both eye, which is a new record :slight_smile:

I was afraid that because of the fewer daylight ours and less bright sunlight my progress will slow down or halt, but so far everything seems fine. I’m also thinking of reducing differential sooner, because I have to move too far away from my normal setup and also my arm is not long enough for held the phone at the edge of blur… I sort of hoped that this will be my last differential, but while I’m able to read text from 40 cm, it’s really blurry / doubly visionish, so I cannot use that for whole day.


My house is pretty small I can see 20/20 indoors with my normalized glasses so shld I drop it by 0.25? But outdoors I can active focus to crystal clear so what can be done now any suggestion?

The role of the normalized is to provide blur challenge for distance vision. If you feel you don’t have enough blur challenge, it’s time to reduce. In the worst case (if you realize it’s too much) you can always revert to the previous normalized.

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But what about indoors if I can see 20/20 with normalized then again after getting used to that power by evening I start to see blur even in indoors

Sorry, but I cannot troubleshoot your case across the internet. Ultimately it’s you who have to experiment with what works for you and what not. But don’t forget that your eyesight vary not just day by day, but even during the day.