My journey (start -7.00/-7.50 and fast first improvement)

My first improvement :partying_face:

I’ve been wearing contact lenses since university; now I am 32 — about 15 years. I have only had two prescriptions from optometrists in my entire life)))
-3.5 both eyes and -6.5 both eyes (wearing the last about six years).

Since February of this year, I have been monitoring my vision using Snellen charts and with the EyeQue VisionCheck.

In September I received glasses.
It was difficult for me to increase the diopters and make different lenses for the eyes.
-6.75L / -7.25R and -6.0L / -6.5R

On October 9, I was reading a book in the backyard (15-5-15-5) and without changing my glasses I looked into the distance — my eyes and brain completed the picture to a very sharp state. Better than with my normalized 15 minutes ago! Then I was doing it for about a week. But it didn’t always work.

On the 15th, at night without glasses, I accidentally (already lying down) began to look at the lamp, and again something happened that I could see the smallest interweaving (see the photo of the lamp).
During this, my pupils ached and tears began to flow.

16th I woke up with vision equal to my differentials. And while it is stable. I ignore the cylinder; even optometrists did not correct it for me.

I think I got rid of the spasm.
I urgently ordered glasses, but for now, I got my old -3.5 on both eyes (which I put on a couple of times in my life) and reduced to a minimum the close-up work.

Now I can sometimes clear up to 20/20 even at -3.5, with almost no pain in my eyes (it looks more like the brain is working). But I don’t do that too often, as Jake said it shouldn’t be done that way)).


Congrats and welcome!
My start was similar.
Huge drops when I addressed eye strain.
What’s your phone usage like?

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Thank you!
I don’t understand what about the phone. What do you mean?
Too much, I think :thinking: :grin:
In my diff or without glasses.

Here is a topic about the EyeQue VisionCheck device that I use.

oh sorry. I meant how much time do you spend on the phone each day? One hour? Two, three, four?

yes i use the Eyeque app too. Its good enough for general testing!

I spend about 3 hours a day on the phone.
I work in IT, so there are still many hours of screen (15-3-15-3)
I walk about 5 kilometers every day.
I like to look out the window (as long as the weather permits - opened) at traffic lights and road signs :yum:


My diopters have never been so stable (on the left eye, especially).

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