My journey to 20/20

Hey My name is Dahir.I am 14 years old and of course you know why I am here.I have -5.25 in my right and -5.75 in my left.I noticed I had vision problems around 8 years old.I noticed I had floaters.I also was the only one in the family who couldn’t spot the tiger at the zoo.Even my classmates noticed my vision problems.Funny story about how unlucky I was.My older sister once needed glasses.In fact,we got glasses at the same time but she didn’t wear them.And now she doesn’t need them and I do.And while she was at home not worrying about her vision my myopia was increasing.I noticed it and was searching online until I found Jake.Of coure I am not 100 percent sure about these methods but I only did Active focus for four days and I can see license plates better.If i go back to the eye doctor and they find improvement (which I am sure they will) I will be a everyday user of this website :slight_smile:


I would give it a little while before running back to the optometrists and don’t be too shocked if you find them resistant to admit you have improved either. I little healthy doubt is certainly encouraged when looking online for solutions, so good for you. If you would like to hear more about the experiences of those who are using the method successfully I recommend EM student videos on youtube: the wiki has a fairly complete list
My channel is: if you are interested (also on the list) I try to gear much of my content for new members, likes and subscription appreciated. :slight_smile:
Best wishes in your journey!


Thank you so much :smile:

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My old prescription was giving me headaches so I got rid of them.I remember my optometrist said from 2018 to now I have a 10 percent change which means My prescription in 2018 was OD:-5.25 and OS:-4.75.I think now I might be around -4 range since My old prescription was too strong.I swear all i did was go biking for an hour and the sides of my head hurt.
I also need a ruler because someone bent the glass ruler and it broke into pieces

Congratulations on progress!

You might want to move your post into the “20/20 Gains Updates” category.

Accurate measuring is really important…


Ok so now i have found my max AF I like to practise AF by watching a soccer game on a big screen tv from 15 feet.At first I would only see the colors of the soccer players moving around and I might see a big white circle(the ball) Move around.Then I start focusing and i can see double vision.I can now see the leg movement but it looks like a guardian twin ghost is behind them doing the exact same thing.The ball looks like two balls with a ring around it.Then I focus even more and the game looks very clear execpt there is still a little blurry thing around it but I can see the numbers on the thing (50/50 it can be double) and I can see the ball well.It takes 2 minutes to do and it lasts for 30 seconds.I will now keep trying to watch soccer games all day until I can master this.

By the way I’ll get a meter stick when I get my allowance.

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Yeah those glasses make me farsighted.They are way too Overprescribed now.

My family can’t afford to buy differentials or normalized but I think it would be alright to get plus lenses since I would only need a couple pairs.So I would have to d everything raw.
My parents don’t really believe in what the lemeow website says but they do believe in fixing it naturally.Hopefully they will buy me plus lenses in the last diopter or else I will “borrow” my farsighted aunt’s glasses :joy:
Wonder How far I would get with no glasses.
I measured from the kitchen tiles this time since they are roughly a fourth of a meter and I got slightly more than a tile (around 25 centimeters) in both eyes individually. So I am between -4.25 to -3.75 . Day 36 and Already gotten this far.

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Is it normal to have a little ghost go away from the object you are focusing at and it gets clearer?

I can see the calendar alot better but it could just be the good light I can see not far behind

as my
720p school chromebook

My sister got a blue ruler and let me used it and My edge of blue for both eyes is 28cm I guess my eyes were half a diopter apart in the beginning from spasm but Now this means I am at lets look at the calculator… -3.57 so now I am -3.5 I reduced like 2 diopters and this is only Day 46 !!!

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So my first semester is finishing soon and My goal is to Avoid as Much closeup as Possible and Be outside often.I want to get as much reductions as possible and winter break for me is between December 19 and January 10th around that so Unfortunatly I can’t be on my chromebook giving updates but I plan on coming back.If you don’t see me next year either My technology was taken away or I’m… :laughing: :scream: My goal next year will be to get to under 3 diopters by Febuary 2021 and Maybe get to around -1 by 2022.
If This winterbreak grind works i might do it again in the summer.
I am grateful for getting this far so quickly I’ve been praying alot.

I play outside at least 3 days a week and either play hide and seek or football or soccer.It is a blessing and a curse for my cousins to make me the seeker since I don’t wear my glasses but It is good active focus practise. They let me bring the youngest because he might slow them down,I am good with little kids, and because I might need help with searching.But when the Sun goes down I can’t be the seeker anymore because the bright Texas sun is going away and It is difficult.

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I am now at 30cm or 3.33 the whole ruler.The most Distance vision I get is from a tv so I am mainly indoors.Its been a week and a half into this and The first 90 days is going to be over soon so From here things are just going to get slower.I can’t solve the colorblind issue so i just have to roll with it.Also I am still not getting glasses until school is in person.What would be a good distance for a TV that is 24 by 48 without lenses.

Managing pretty well Ursa I am now pas the ruler at -3 I am at a pretty fast pace might get to -2.75 by January.I just got on to update and ill get back off now.

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In artificial light i am at 36cm and in the sunlight on the window i am at 38 I didn’t get to -2.75 by January but right now I am.Online school is coming back soon as winter break is coming to an end for me so I might get to -2.5 By Monday…maybe.Thanks Lajos btw for changing the topic.I have plans to maybe get to the lower diopters by fall.This pace I am going at is faster than the others so I just estimated that.My plan is to keep going then when summer arrives I’ll take a couple of water bottles and stay out in 90 degree heat.And stay out all afternoon.Dont worry about me I am used to the heat It cost me my arms to get darker.I started to slow down a bit after I got under -4 diopters so I was thinking about how much I reduce every week.There are 12 weeks of summer and If I get .25 off every 1.5 weeks that would be 2 diopters off.Also because it is only January I have Spring so That is how I came up with I would be in the low diopters by September.I am speedrunning this I remember while researching Someone who was also -5 took four years to get to 20/40T.his might work and my glasses that are too strong that make me farsighted help me see things easily like 600 feet away I see a little cloth blowing in the wind Im serious they maybe help me see better than 20/20 and if I do get better than 20/20 And theres no cyl or floaters NASA gonna hire me to be that telescope.Yeah I am just gonna shut up all this writing is going to give me spasm See yall on Monday.

I am at 37 and a half centimeters articifal light. now i should be slowing down by the end of Janurary I should at least be at -2.5.
Whenever I am on online school I do breaks so I don’t get spasm and on the weekend I don’t have spasm and It is easier to improve.
I like to put cold water then rest my eyes for a few minutes then then it goes away faster for me.

Fair warning, almost everyone goes fast at first, and maybe you will be the odd one out and it will continue… But for almost everyone things slow down (between 3 and 9 months after starting). I have no intention of discouraging you, just want you to have realistic goals. Never count your gainz before they come or else you will fall into the reducing too quickly trap.
That said; it is so nice to see you go from skeptic to fantastic gainz. Congrates! Truly happy for you. :smiley:


Alright then I guess I will expect to not make those expectations but still try to do that.Also I am at 40cm or -2.5 and My first 90 days will come to an end in 2 weeks.