"My parents are eye doctors ......"

Eye Doctors “Don’t Believe In Any Of This” (repost from FB)

So amazing. Literally the entire science section of endmyopia, all references to opthalmology journals. The entire foundation of everything we talk about, peer reviewed clinical science by ophthalmology academics, for eye doctors.


“Don’t believe any of it.”

And sure, the how part on reversing myopia, plenty experimental. But neither far fetched in terms of biology, nor without tens of thousands of anecdotes of success. Would you not at least go, “well there is something maybe there, we should check it out.”

No. I chose to not believe any of it.

What kind of doctor shows zero interest in a promising approach to fixing the exact issue they’re meant to help you with? They don’t believe it because it actually seems to work? They only believe that their mission is futile, nothing can be done regardless?

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Who are we, as humans?

Whatever. I don’t believe in any of it. Bro.



A great divide seems to be happening on almost all subjects, everywhere. Best would be to go Oh wow! This could also be possible kind of an attitude, more to save one’s own sanity.

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“I’m not gonna believe it until you’ve funded a multi billion dollar, decade long study of your method that proves axial length is able to reduce, Jake”

Quote: every opthamologist atm


How about we compromise and ‘you’ believe me once I grow a three foot beard instead? Net credibility will be about the same. Imagine in your mind, Jake with no beard, podium, fancy slides on the projector screen behind. Now compare, Jake with a most lustrous and very regal beard, explaining same concepts. You’re not even noticing charts anymore. You’re transfixed by the beard. As we know all historically important figures with large impact, definitely featured an imposing beard.

The latter, for sure at least same (if not more) net credibility.

Also currently equally unlikely to happen, so you guys still win the argument.

coffee :crazy_face: