My path from 2014 until now. Somewhat embarrassing but still ended up somewhere

Hi there,

I have known EM since 2014, but was in a tight spot financially and couldn’t afford the Back to 20/20. So I went about monkeying around with my lenses (guilty as charged,… sorry Jake!). Anyways, long story short (needless to say a lot of frustration, tears and all) I have to admit that today I did go to the optometrist and was confirmed my snail pace progress… Here are the numbers:

2014 Original 20/20 prescription:
-8.25 -2.00x171
-7.50 -2.25x6

April 19 2021 prescription: (she did confirm though that this is 20/25)
OD -7.50 -1.25x171
OS -6.75 -1.50x5

October 2019 Current normalized: (my monkeying around)
OD -7.00 -1.00 x171
OS -6.25 -1.00 x6

December 2018 Current differential: (somewhat monkeying around but onto something)
OD -6.50 -1.00 x171
OS -5.75 -1.00 x6

I reckon that even though I did play around without really knowing what I was doing, it still got me to some gains. I have never and I repeat NEVER seen a -6 on a prescription for as long as I can remember… maybe high school and for me it’s decades. These crazy people were about to prescribe me some -9 at one point and I was like HELL NO (the year was 2013). That’s enough.

So here I am. I have made good business decisions, got myself the back to 20/20 membership as soon as I could (basically 1 week ago). In March I could barely read much on the chart at the ophthalmologist and now I got confirmed gains in only 1 week of taking the leap. I feel like a million bucks.

But now, my centimetre reading is all over the place. At time both right and left eyes are the same. (WTH??) I really don’t know what to make of it. I am beside myself.

So now I think I need to update my differential. I don’t think it’s normal that I can read 20/50 with them. With my current normalized I can read 20/40 and on a good day 20/30.
Here’s my thought, I want to completely remove the CYL from my differentials and nothing else until it gets better (I learned my lesson Jake). By then I hope I can reduce my normalized soon. Maybe when I can read well the 20/25…

Anyways, asking for a friend. Any thoughts?


To repeat good advice given to me not long ago, read everything you can on prescription complexity.

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Maybe I missed something. Why do you want to completely remove your CYL from your differentials?

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@Viceroy.Sam Well here is my theory…

I can see 20/50 with them which is probably too much considering you should only be able to see until your computer screen. So instead of converting the CYL into SPH it might be best to remove it completely. I am currently at -1 of CYL for both eyes so I don’t think it’s a big stretch… I am using my differentials in my home not only at the computer screen. I would only keep those differentials (without the CYL) at the computer for now until I get used to them enough to use them everyday at home.

I don’t know it’s really just a hunch but wanted to put it out there to see if its a good hunch or not.

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You can try. Jake does say that cylinder less than 1.00 diopter can be dropped for differentials. It depends more on how well you are seeing at near without it rather than at distance. You don’t want near work to be blurred from astigmatism. If I take my 1.25 cylinder out entirely there is no clarity at near, though I imagine it is quite different with your having so much more spherical correction. But you will want to drop it eventually. Near is a good place to try it out.

I too have had days when both eyes can read the same on the snellen chart or are swapped for acuity. These have been oddities and I just keep checking for overall trends. My new personal rule is don’t order anything new while something that odd is happening.

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you need to start measuring strong axis (SPH) and weak axis (SPH+CYL) measurements separately i.e. pay attention to what angle the line whose edge you’re checking your blur on is at

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Hi @Lajos !

Thanks for your reply. I don’t understand what you said but it sounds really interesting… How do you do that? Or better yet, can you point me to where you found that info (blog or anywhere else)?

I figured it myself

wrote about it here:

see also:


Welcome, back? First I would like to say hold off on doing anything, don’t fall back into monkeying around with lenses. You have plenty of time to deal with the cylinder there is no need to rush into rash decisions, personally I would prioritize getting your spherical squared away before tackling that cylinder complexity. Give yourself a minute to go through some sessions on the program and if you haven’t already refresh by rereading the 7 day guide. If you are able to push your computer back to around 100cm that should eliminate the hyeropic defocus caused by your diffs for the moment, this is my preferred distance, you might even decide to stick with it. Don’t worry about the cms being all over that happens for a lot of people, a trend will develop and that is what you are looking for. But on that note are you measuring with consistent light? Time of day? Many things can affect your measurements. Word to the wise, the paid program comes with advice from Jake personally so he will probably help you sort the complexity issue and move forward deciding your diffs if you ask in the forum there (under “support”).



Thank you for your response. I am measuring my cm Morning, afternoon and evening like Jake has been asking. The light will vary according to time and weather and I take notes of that as well in my spreadsheet (also of my outdoor time).

And yes you are right, I did write in the wrong forum… But I don’t regret it. The community here is priceless. People have replied and seem to genuinely care about my situation (like you). I truly appreciate it.

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Perfect! It sounds like you are taking good notes and off to a great start. This forum is far more social, and as you have well put, the community here is indeed priceless. I am confident you will quite enjoy it here :grin: but you will not get diopter specific advice here. That said you will meet many interesting people and I think you will find EM in general quite changed from your first pass. We have a community sourced wiki now and among other things some EM students even have their own channels (myself included). See you around, and be sure to keep us posted on your progress :smiley:

I tend to agree.

While dropping 1D from cyl especially for diffs is typically not a big issue, it is usually true for those whose max ever cyl is 1D and relatively recent so their brains are not used to the uneven correction within the eye too much. You had cyl correction in your glasses for a while and you had 2D at one point and you already dropped 1D.
It doesn’t mean it won’t work, it only means that you will have to try and see. It may feel good immediately because you worked on EM slow and steady so far, but you may find that the second cyl diopter drop has to be done in smaller steps (especially if the correction to 20/25 only this year was more because of the cyl reduction and not the sph reduction)
Your plan to start with screen only sounds realistic.

Any improvement is good. Some like it slow. But you could have received stronger glasses each year without EM. So as I interpret it, you stopped the myopia progression and even reversed a bit :relaxed: