My right eye feels like being blew by wind all the time

Hi fellow EM’ers,
After I started practice AF 3 weeks ago, I started notice that right eye is always feeling cool (not sure it started after AF or I simply didn’t notice it before). it’s like there is a constant gentle wind breeze onto my pupil all the time. but my left eye feels nothing special. and it feels good actually (no red eye, no strain or other visible/feel-able symptoms.)

BTW: my left is -4.5 D and my right is -8.0 D, the above feeling happens both when I’m wearing normalized and differentials.

does anyone have similar experience?

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I have this experience almost all the time i do active focus. One eye has it harder than the other aswell. And i think this is because your correction for each eye isn’t exactly the same…
Also when doing this my eyes start having tears sometimes.

Considering my eyes changed a lot in the positive direction i don’t think it realy should be an issue.
To be honest I even use it as a guide to see if i’m doing it right.

Yes, the right eye tears a bit more than the left eye as well when doing AF.
I also found that my right eye can see better than my left when I put my normalized on yesterday when I look at the eye chart (we use the 5m TUMBLING E eye chart here in china and both my eyes can see 1.0 (20/20) now, but left is a little weaker). so I decided to reduce another 0.5 for right and only 0.25 for left. so this time they should be more equally under-corrected, we will see what happens from now on:)

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because your right eye is the dominant eye and it is straining under blurry conditions to see properly. I assume you don’t have this feeling when wearing full correction, right?

how much undercorrection are you AFing with?

-0.5 for normalized (distance), and -1.50 for differentials (close-up), the feeling is constant even when I’m not doing AF intentionally.

but only with normalised/diffs or also with full correction?

I don’t ware full correction anymore, can’t remember have this feeling before I start practicing AF.

yeah but you can try it out with your old full correction glasses, or have you thrown them out with the garbage? :wink:

they are somewhere, I will dig them out tomorrow and have a try:P

More eye moisture is generally a good thing.

Having the same experience. In fact the eye that feels like being blown by the wind feels more sensitive. Errrr…but I don’t know what it means though :stuck_out_tongue:
I did make some progress with it. I say “some progress” because I am blur adapted and therefore have slower progress than others.

the sensation of the wind blowing is not a bad feeling, it’s comfortable and looks like it’s also an indication that the AF is working. anyway I post this because I only got one eye have this feeling, I think it might be that I haven’t give both eyes equal challenge through my normalized and differentials. So I have adjusted yesterday, will keep monitor.

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This might be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am very blur tolerant and have made faster progress than others. :thinking:

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Hmm I think being blur tolerant hinders me from faster progress because it makes me more prone to forget to do AF as many times as possible. But if it is indeed a self-fulfilling prophecy, I thank you for reminding me that you had faster progress even as blur adapted because that will help me stop prophesying my progress speed :wink:


I think what also helped me was that I do not use a phone, and do not spend many hours at a screen, so I have more natural occasions to practise distance vision and to pay very close attention to trying to see a bit more clearly.

But this is not a race, so any amount of progress is great. :grinning:


I’ve noticed that when the lighting is bad and my ciliary is locked up, I need to be very intentional about doing AF, but when my ciliary is released, I literally don’t have to think about it, my eyes do it on their own.
Also my experience with EM blur adaptation is that I either make no progress at all or quite fast progress, little in-between :smiley:

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That’s par for the course for my untrammelled eyes, and they seem to take it in turns to improve.

With ciliary spasm and low light, AF is hopeless for me. Bright sunlight helps me to release the spasm quicker I think.

The only time I might AF automatically is when I’m almost at 20/20. I actually think it’s just good clarity and not AF at that point though.

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