My road to 20/20

Started with the method on june 12th 2021 and for my differentials on June 22nd. So it’s been almost 2 months since starting. New prescription arrived yesterday so I’m now at -2.75 both eyes with -0.5 astigmatism. I started out 2 months ago with -3.75 in both eyes with the same astigmatism. Crazy how I can drop a full diopter in 2 months. Granted the -2.75 is the first real normalised as it’s challenging the blur horizon and I can feel my brain and eyes working to focus. I’m now using -1.75 for differential with no astigmatism. The main things for me currently are reducing screen time (digital minimalism by cal Newport style). Also I worked in finance since graduating from university but for past 2 years have been travelling. Find myself back at home and looking to transition away from office work so that shall be interesting and beneficial to my eyes. Have 3 months left on my contract with a temp admin job so by new year I want to have a new job away from computer and maybe go to Australia not sure yet though.

Anyway, 1 diopter down so far and loving the sense of empowerment.

My goal is to be glasses free by my 30th birthday.

I’m doing the diy approach and I’m happy so far. Happy seeing!

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