My well-formed strategy I'll not change by your doubts

Really. Before replying with a doubt, please read the tiltle. If you want again, please read again.
Not to decline constructive criticism and well-grounded arguments to official answers on your questions.

With newly bought Acuvue Oasys spherical lenses, the first thing I did was measurement:
Lens powers are -7.00.

Eye | cm strong | cm weak | refraction | SE/OTP/my-vision-answer-for-laymans
Right | ~200 | 35 | -7.50/-2.25x180 (175-10) | -8.50 (more like -8.75)
Left | ~100-130 | 42 | -8.00/-1.25x170 (R - 5-15) | -8.50 (more like -8.25)

Indeed. SE is 0.75 lower than with Air Optix by Alcon. Maybe my vision was improved, though. And it certainly did while using previous contacts.

So, I finally bought -1.50 glasses for distance and on the order for +1.50 (when long close up less than 67 cm).

Red is definitely overcorrected in new -1.50, but green is still undercorrected. White looks perfect.

Q: Why not just norms and diffs like any person which is keen with usual EndMyopia?
A: In fact, I have those: they are in almost perfect alignment with official EM. With cylinder, yet cylinder is slightly too low for norms etc. And Rx is equal. Diffs are perfect, norms give me up to 20/30 (well, left eye sees less - 20/40 or 20/50) with backlight only. But I feel more comfortable with contacts, as they give 1) more peripheral vision - for example I see cars behind me when on a bicycle; 2) no aberration - spherical (extreme minification, peripheral distortion, halos at night etc), chromatic (only center is useful for seeing colors good - yes, I also have it all to a very least extent in my -1.50, but no even comparison to -7.00 or -9.00 and above).

Q: Why no cylinder in contacts despite so much astigmatism?
A: I have yet to come across ones for astigmatism that wear comfortably. Even major spherical variations fail to satisfy me.

Q: Why no cylinder in glasses?
A: I feel uncomfortable switching frequently from cylinder to no cylinder. Left eye could recognize 20/30 with backlight only, but right eye peaks at 20/50 or 20/40 when I am too optimistic. Yes, neither of rows after 20/70 is eye-candy (mostly due to residual monochromatic aberration), but they are still recognizable, up to 20/20 with left eye and to 20/40 with right. As well, I wanted glasses to be ready today. I can’t know when they’ll be if with cylinder due to holidays’ and corona implications. Also, it’s good for eyes to gradually clear this astigmatism fogginess. As with plus glasses, I don’t see a need explaining - the distance is too low for astigmatism to mess.

Q: Why not conatacts for distance with plus glasses for close up?
A: I already seen my vision worsened by 0.50 during this summer. Yet I hadn’t some so bad habits during this. Then it’s reasonable to suspect distance contacts use as well.

Q: As with much more complication with contacts for 25 cm, -1.5 and -3.5 glasses?
A: You already answered. It’s both complicated and expensive. Not to mention about its fanaticism/fearfulness.

Q: For how much time?
A: Well, the first run is the hardest. A lot of mixed defocus to clear, a lot of aching around. On the positive note, I imagine how it will be hereafter: spherical contacts should give more precise near and distant vision. I am not amongst people drawing timelines and plans, but it certainly worth to go this way until -6. If not until just glasses will be left :slight_smile:

That’s all for today. You can complete my decisions and thoughts as much as you want.

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My SE moved to -8.25, but I’d wear those contacts for the next month.

I would not dare to doubt you. :laughing:

I am not in a position to do so anyway, as I am far from orthodox myself :wink:.

Good luck with your strategy.

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All the best with figuring it out. Be patient and flexible. Ie if something works, great, if something doesn’t, change your strategy.

I went from contact lenses to full time glasses overnight and it was a massive adjustment. I’ve been in them for two years now and I think I want to try contact lenses again for precision clarity and peripheral vision.

But only on days I’m at home with no work on my pc :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes, I’m down from last prescription -7 both eyes in contact lenses to -5.5 glasses both eyes. So keep at it (I think -5 in contact lenses)


You kept the most important part as an afterthought? Congratulations! Keep on going down the lines of minus signs. :smile:


You’ve meant I’ve finally learnt to be responsible for my decisions and to be convinced in my ways of doing things. Correct?

Hmm. Left eye sees close up so nice that I even doubt it necessarily needs cylinder.
Yes, double vision is there, but it’s rather minor. Even in no-cylinder glasses (both lenses at once), it looks pretty well. That’s after glasses with cylinder this eye refuses to adapt because there is slight overcorrection and it has not adapted to it in 3 months (like right eye to undercorrection).

Right eye sees better, too. But still pretty blurry. No change in measurements on both eyes, like -2 to -2.5 right cylinder and -1 to -1.5 left. Anyway, I somewhat came to conclusion my eyes see text darker, with more contrast day-by-day. But I might have been misimpressed.

Left eye’s cylinder was pretty lens-induced since it has seen at least 20/30 or 20/25 without cylinder at the first ophthalmologist appointment in 2019 (it has not progressed much or at all since then).

No, sorry about the confusion. The remark was to JenniK who kept the good news of her improvements to the last.

Glad to hear that you see a little better up close with no cylinder. Astigmatism is hard to measure yourself, and can vary quite a lot from day to day, and according to time of day, so don’t get too hung up on measuring that. I have no problem ‘looking through’ minor ghosting.

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Almost no double vision up close in left eye or I must sit farther / look at horizontal lines still under massive enough blur. The same is for glasses. Sometimes contacts without CYL perform better than glasses without CYL (lens on lens in fact), but the difference is negligible.

That might account for the last (forgo and go) stage of psychological significance about on this eye. Just like in your right eye.

An interesting fact my eyes won’t adapt to CYL higher or lower than needed.
I tried to put -1.75 both to equalize -2.25 and -1.25, and -1.25 one is also stayed the same despite hard trials. I meant lens-induced as cylinder lenses are shown to decrease vision without cylinder even at appropriate power if I don’t mistake.

As well, adaptation to certain correction is absent as that. And I can’t remember my last headache or dizziness - that is the side I win, as I almost never got those in my entire life.

In spite of my best attempts, I don’t understand what you are saying here. :thinking:

I can’t prepend the list which describes more early and hard responses.
So maybe it was not worth to start?!? :tired_face:

Let’s form it this way:

  • Fight without capitulation - mobilize and rise in your forces, then…
  • Fight and flight - fight yet find energy to live as normal, then…
  • Forgo and go - just ignore mild discomfort and continue your job then…
  • Win and celebrate - here it is!

I think I get what you are trying to say. I would add another, from Buddhist philosophy - give it your best try, but don’t worry too much about the outcome. When I was much younger I used to get very discouraged when the outcome did not match my efforts. Now I pay more attention to trying my best, and being sensible enough to learn from my trials and errors without punishing myself for them.

From Reddit:
“You might find your vision improves a lot when leaving astigmatism uncorrected for some time. But it might take years for actual eye physiology to change.”

Well, I disagee on the last. Since my astigmatism reached amounts with a need of correction just a year ago. And I hope to resolve it by reducing or forgoing cylinder correction in a year if I only take care of it. Astigmatism also can cause degenerative changes in high myopia (maybe not only) as studies I found and posted here suggest, so it’s also important to deal with.

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The development of astigmatism can be different for different people, so if you feel yours is recent, lens-induced, and should be tackled first, go ahead. As I did EM cold turkey, it was my visual cortex that made the decisions and it seems to have decided otherwise.