Myopia Control Gadgets

Interesting things for sale in China: There are an increasing number of products designed to thwart myopia now in addition to atropine eye-drops and CRT / Ortho-K hard contacts and bi-focals for kids.

Pen stops working when face is too close to paper.

Brace keeps student from being able to bury face in book:

Lens has rings of +3.5D lenslets that provide myopic defocus in peripheral vision.

essilor stellest


And from Japan

Wearable Device for Myopia Control uses Kubota Glasses technology which works to reduce the progressive increase in axial length of the eye of myopic patients and it does so by using micro LEDs to project myopically-defocused virtual images on the peripheral visual field to actively stimulate the retina.

Haha crazy stuff, but I’ve read about the last one already. High tech version of differentials + staying at edge of blur