Myopia correcting 'smart glasses' from Japan to be sold in Asia

Huge news out of Japan!

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I wonder how it works. The middle bit looks super strange

it says its running a clinical trial on 25 people. Lol.
They also announced the glasses before any peer reviewed testing.
I think I’ll pass…

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I’ll pass, too, but gadget-minded me is intrigued how it is supposed to work :upside_down_face:

Here is a clue

In that article it talks about focusing an image just slightly in front of the retina to achieve axial shortening. in a word it sounds like a gadget version of of normalised or differentials

actually if this is for real it’s pretty big news because it means that a company is trying to make money off of a method similar to @jakey’s but with a gadget instead of finding the edge of blur and doing active focus!



“A Treatment for the Young
Adults over age 30 ready to say goodbye to their glasses may have to seek an alternative, however. Kubota said its glasses work best on individuals between ages 6 and 30.”

Phew. @jakey doesn’t have to close yet :rofl: (but can point the young plz bros to the Kubota glasses - sharing the market :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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As I’ve been saying since the dawn of time - the science will suddenly be known and talked about (besides just in journals) once there’s a patentable product. :grimacing:


We have the solution for the "plz bro"s then? :rofl:

Step 1: buy Kubota glasses :smiley:


Then you can say, after 20-30 years with a long white beard, “see I told you young 'uns back in the day already. But back in my day we had to walk 5 miles each way every morning to do our active focus on real objects outside in bare feet - we didn’t have it as good as you young 'uns”

4 Likes,to%20actively%20stimulate%20the%20retina.

Link to the official site for the glasses it does look like active focus but with a technological twist. Veryyy omoshiroi (Interesting).

It seems through this quote “using micro-LEDS on the peripheral visual field to actively stimulate the retina.” Its like blinking without blinking making your eyes refocus/ active focus / stimulus while focusing on a point while you notice your peripherals. but the gadget does it automatically so you look through the hole in the glasses. It also issupposedly is going to look kinda blurry through the focus point / the middle? i dont get how theyre gonna simulate that compared to our eyeballs .But we’ll see

Also how did they turn from a heavy equipment construction company to this hahaha

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Probably an acquisition by the company. Maybe they stumbled upon a potentially lucrative product that someone thought would be an excellent opportunity to diversify. Probably pretty cheap too given the market isn’t saturated with competition. They stand to make a lot of money if this really works as proposed.

Assuming they don’t get acquired by Essilor-Luxottica and shut down, or somehow silenced and swept under the rug as a discredited experimental project.

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It’s a different Kubota:

These sites have some more information about these glasses:

All in Japanese, but Google Translate does a good job on them.


Here’s another press release on it. “Kubota Glasses technology works to reduce the increase in axial length associated with myopia by projecting myopically-defocused virtual images generated using micro-LEDS on the peripheral visual field to actively stimulate the retina.”

And it compares itself to the technology used in the MiSight contact lenses.

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If you put normalizes and vr headset 90 min everyday it should work with the same efficiency isn’t it?

Here’s another article on their glasses. Sounds like they are a little closer to release and will first be available in Taiwan for several hundred dollars.