Myopia / Diopter Bubble Visualiser

The applet (runs directly in the browser, no need to download anything):

Hi there! I was screwing around in Javascript and quickly mashed together (I say quickly so that I have an excuse for the terrible code) a little program to visualise your diopter bubble.

The applet is similar to this video by Jake. I hope by making it interactive, it’s a more effective message. I’ve allowed users to control the inputs with their mouse, entering a diopter measurement, or a cm measurement. All of these set the far-point of vision. I haven’t yet programmed a way for the user to control their near-point measurement - however it will be relatively easy to implement with the way I’ve coded it; so if there is demand I can patch it in.

Currently the range between the far and near point is set to only 5 diopters, which I imagine is rather low for the majority of people here. I only decided upon such a limited range to reduce clutter. Again, easy to implement, but will only bother if people would find it useful.

Personally I think this tool would be useful for explaining a lot of EM concepts (e.g: the relationship between diopter and cms, the world of difference between high and low myopia, why even a few centimetres can mean the difference between ciliary spasm and reversing myopia, etc). If there are any changes you’d like me to make, or features you’d like me to add, please don’t hesitate to suggest them! If they’re feasible ideas, and would help you to visualise your eyesight condition, I’d be more than happy to include them in the program.

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