Myopia *is* a genetic condition 🤡

Hey everybody, I saw the reality in our true lord and savior, retail optometry, today. That’s right, no amount of bearded gurudom can truly reduce myopia in the long term. Only mah professionals and hard facts. Did I mention they have optometry degrees?

I’m phoning up every clinic I can, so I can shoot lasers out of my eyes. Like those sharks with lasers from Austin Powers :shark:

If that doesn’t work I’ll be chilling and kicking it back with some Ortho-K lenses, they seem price effective. If worst comes to worst I might try some alternative treatment like purple crystals and palming. I feel like this truly is a comprehensive solution to fix myopia moving forward. I hope you all agree with me :clown_face:


Actually, it’s far easier: you just need to go on a misty mountain top, where the bearded Unicorn :unicorn: roams.
If you see it, your myopia will instantly be cured:heavy_heart_exclamation::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pray to the mighty unicorn :unicorn:

this post was supposed to be posted in 2020 April 01


Finally somebody is speaking some sense here.

Come on. If there was a … cure, they would have found it by now. They’re professionals, and they’re the ones with the education and who have our best interest in mind. If they haven’t found a cure, there is no cure.

Cure. No cure. Patients. Prescriptions. Exams. Failing the eye exam. Prescriptions. The bill.

Quit looking for conspiracy theorist Internet nutters with no degree or qualifications claiming they found some “unknown secret cure” for myopia.



Frickin Laser Beams!


Do you think optometrist have the same failure rate in college that their “patients” have?

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Yes. A lot of people have failed college classes at some point.

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It was meant to be a pun. Ha ha

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Ok, I get it now. Ha ha.

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