Myopia journey of myself and my kid

ALERT : This is a long read.

This is my first post and wish to create a log of progress, learn from the people here and their experiences. For me the EM journey is not only for me but for my daughter as well (8.5 yrs).

My journey:
I have been wearing glasses for the longest of time (25+ yrs) and my power before i knew of EM was:
RE: -2.5, -0.25 cyl Axis 90
LE : -3.00, -0.25 cyl, Axis 90
I believe the above was overcorrected by 0.25D. but then who wouldn’t want the sharpest vision?

I started researching EM in July 2021 when my daughter’s power jumped (more on this later) . I measured my cms ( RE : 36cm, LE : 32cm) First step was taking the strain away by not wearing any correction while reading books, 20-20-20 rule etc. A few days later I got my eyes checked and this time I was ‘aware’ of the glasses being prescribed. And my results were:

RE -2.25 sph, -0.25 cyl (85 Asix)
LE -2.75 sph, -0.25 cyl (90 axis)
cms – RE : 41cm, LE : 34cm

So ciliary spasm and/or overcorrection went out and I had dropped -0.25 D from each eye just like that.

Got my first differentials soon after in Aug 2021:
Differentials 1
RE : -1; LE : -1.5

Over my first 6-8 weeks of use of differentials I could see the my distance to blur for close-up work steadily increased from 65 cm to ~80cm.

I moved to my first normalized in early Sept 2021. A difference of -0.25D and dropped the cyl altogether.
RE : -2
LE : -2.5
I can read partial 6/6 with the above and hope that soon enough (4-6 weeks hence) I will move to my N2.

I have moved to my second pair of differentials (D1) a few days back.
RE : -0.75; LE : -1.0

So things I am trying now are equalizing my eyes a bit starting with D2. For equalizing I am patching my RE for 15-30 min a day while pushing focus.

Question : For equalizing I dropped my LE by an additional -0.25 for my D2. When I am not patching, will it make the LE work harder to improve or the LE will stop trying altogether if I keep my screen at the edge of clarity most of the time I work (4-6 hrs).

Meanwhile I got my eyes tested at a couple of places A 6ft Snellen measured them as RE: -2 and LE: -2.5 while a 20 ft measured it as -2.25 and -2.75 respectively. So understood how 6ft and 10 ft Snellens arent the most accurate.

I can see with Snellen and my cms that I am traversing my journey from 2.25 to -2 in my RE and -2.75 to -2.5 in my LE but the autorefractor still shows -2.5 in RE and -3.00 in LE.

Question : Do autorefractors measure the distance between retina and where the image is formed? And do the autorefractor measurements lag the ones on Snellen or in cm.

My current cms are: RE : 46; LE: 38. I want to take the gradual and steady path with interventions for equalizing. I hope and wish to move to sub 2 category in the next few months.

My daughter’s journey
This is an emotionally draining topic that pushed me to EM in the first place - positive action from an otherwise sad event.

My daughter got her first prescription in July 2019 when she was 6.5 yrs old. Her prescription was
RE : -1.5, cyl -0.5 100axis
LE: -1.5, cyl -0.5 120 axis
She was able to read 6/9+ with the above correction.

I was told genetics was the main reason and she started wearing those prescriptions.

Then the black swan even of the century came and lo and behold she was home 24 hrs. She is a voracious reader and with no physical classes (no school board as a reference marker) her power jumped and we couldn’t catch it. We got her tested in July 2021 and her power had gone up
RE : -5.5, cyl -0.5 180axis
LE: -5.75, cyl -0.5 180 axis
She was able to read 6/9+ with above correction. Without glasses it was only 6/60 blurry.

So my daughter’s and my EM journey has started together. I got her a reduced correction in end July 2021
RE : -4.5, cyl -0.5 180axis
LE: -4.75, cyl -0.5 180 axis
so as to not burden her with two pair of glasses. She could see 20/50 or 6/15 with the above and some bits of 6/12.

Things that I did to minimise strain:
a) Online classes projected on TV 10 ft away
b) bookstand to read
c) 20-20-20 rule (as much as I could)
d) Reduced investment in books
e) Spent more time outdoors
f) diet with beetroot, carrot juice

She doesnt wear glasses for most part and wears it only for her classes or when we are travelling and outdoors.

With all of the above I was hoping to see improvements which came in Snellen. With her lower prescription she can now (Sept 2021, 3 months after starting EM) read 75% of 20/30 line and sometimes a few letters from 20/25 as well. Went for a casual check at autorefractor and there was no change to her power. In fact it said the LE had deteriorated.

I am a little confused. I know her visual acuity has improved. But we all look for some tangibles and I was disappointed by what I saw.

Happy to hear other’s thoughts and responses to my questions.

PS: there is lot more to share in terms of AF, other things I have tried but thats for another day and another topic.

Welcome to the forum

The standard versions are 10ft vs 20 ft or 3m vs 6m. The 20/20 on a 10ft or 3m equals 20/40 on the 6m or the 20ft. This is simply the mathematics. However, your eyes do not simply follow mathematical formulas. You will find that double size at double distance is more difficult to clear up, simply because you have to train your eyes to look at that bigger distance, too.
Sad reality, most people use their eyes most of the time within a 5 meter range. From screen to screen and then indoors at home.

Either or. You will have to see for yourself. If you think your LE checked out from the team completely, then increase back. If LE is working just being slower then you can keep this just make sure you do not reduce further before the LE has caught up, too.

I don’t know the answer to the first one. But for the second one it’s a “yes”. There is a lag but will show over time.

That seems to be a huge strain on the eyes in my opinion. She must be straining her eyes when going uncorrected if the full correction is -5.5D

Personal opinion, not EM but I won’t agree with this decision.
Books don’t ruin eyesight as much as screens do.
You just have to make sure that the book is held at a good distance and the lights are good. Not a dark corner, cuddling up with a book at 30cms.

But a), b), c), e) and f) sound good.

No, they’re worse indeed. Just like staring at smartphones. :joy:
I haven’t forgotten how my vision was a magnitude worse after reading a book for several hours without breaks.

I still read a lot of paper based books. And if I do it with good posture, good distance and good lights, my eyes are totally OK. I feel my eyes moving left and right and up and down. If I do the same with screens, I feel the strain, because my eyes move less.
Obviously, if I cuddle up with a book on the sofa leaning sideways with little lights with the book only at 40 cms from my face then my eyes get tired and strained. But if I do that I still hear my mum’s voice in my head telling me to sit up, hold the book further away and move to the better lit corner.

But OK, reduce book reading and replace it with outdoor distance vision time, not screens :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems like a bit of experimentation which is what most of EM is. Lets see. Will put updates here on in 4-8 weeks time. Right now working like a pirate trying to speed up the experiment. Jake says more than 15 min doesnt give additional benefits but then patience is not my virtue.

I am a little bit torn about the choice. in 2 years when her myopia increased, seems she had gotten blur adapted and seems to be at comfort without correction for most part of the day. But this is something that I am keeping an eye on.

She doesnt have a smartphone and her laptop is projected to a TV 10+ft away. Books are dangerous for eyes especially if held in hand. I am introducing books but waiting for her to have good habits.