Myopia Prevention

Interesting meta-study from 2017 summarizes recent research. One takeway is that outdoor time is even more important than reducing near work-- children who have limited outdoor time and excessive near work are more than 16 times likely to develop myopia than controls with adequate outdoor time and limited near work. Children with (excessive) near work and adequate outdoor time only 5 times as likely to become myopic.

The standard illumination in indoor spaces is 500 lx, whereas outdoors illumination levels of 5000 lx on a cloudy day and 100 000 lx in sunlight can be measured. The US Orinda Study, one of those included in the meta-analysis, showed that in third-grade children the risk of developing myopia fell by around 10% within 5 years for every hour’s exposure to daylight per week.

@joesaya you have to get outside even if it’s boring. I guess you can bring your headphones and listen to podcasts. :slight_smile:

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I can’t tease out the difference between “daylight” and “outdoor time” across the meta-analysis… They seem to be using them interchangably. Which may cause issues with the results.