Myopic defocus without activee focus

so the number 1 cause of progressive myopia is to use minus lenses for close-up work where you don’t actually need them which creates a stimilus in response to hyperopic defocus. Why not use plus lenses in a distance where i can see clearly with them (reading very up-close) will that create the reverse effect of the minus lens AKA myopic defocus thus shortening axial length? because i think it’s theoretically possible.

Check this:

Then this (talks about no glasses, but the same mechanism is applicable for your question):

And then this:

The whole concept of normalized and differential glasses is to choose lenses that are some plus offset from your prescription. This is mathematically exactly what we’re doing up to the last diopter of change where we’d cross over 0 with those differentials. Many of our contact lens wearers are doing literally that, plus lenses over full prescription or normalized contacts.

Jake says that there are effects to crossing over that 0, and I’m a long way off from having my own experience with that.

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