National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China published myopia prevention handbooks for KEEEDS lol

HNC of China published myopia prevention handbooks for kids (4 versions for kindergarten, primary, junior high and high school, respectively), it provided scientifically explanation of how myopia happens and the methods/recommendations which are more or less aligned with basic principles with EM. e.g.

. no glasses needed unless necessary for kids have myopia less than -1 D, , and reduced lenses for distance vision only if he/she cannot see clearly when needed.
. outdoor activity/distance vision importance
. reduce screen time
. regular breaks during close-up actions.

it is really a good trend. hope this will roll out to schools and get into the education reformation activities.

link as below for whoever is interested, you can use google translation if you don’t know how to read Chinese :rofl::

PDF forms of the handbooks incase you cannot access the website.
1.幼儿园防控近视手册(kindergarten).pdf (3.4 MB)
2.小学生防控近视手册(Primary School).pdf (3.3 MB)
3.初中生防控近视手册 (Junior High School).pdf (3.2 MB)
4.高中生防控近视手册 (High School).pdf (2.7 MB)


It’s a shame google translate’s site translate feature doesn’t work on pdfs :slight_smile: So just checked some random sentences, but it seems pretty good.

Also @jakey should get the artist who did these drawings to draw for Endmyopia too, this is hillarious :rofl:

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you can try to use google translate APP on phone and it can translate words on pictures (open the pdf file on computer and use your phone to translate :rofl:)

Looked at the kindergarden one - delightful illustrations. What a wonderful initiative.

I’m not that interested :rofl: I should just learn Chinese, it’s more and more relevant here in the middle of Europe too, and there is simply too much information out there in Chinese to not be able to access it :slight_smile: Google translate is great, but doesn’t really help when you actually want to find something.

If I were 30 years younger I would definitely do so.

true, we need a better universal translation tool which can translate anything accurately and simultaneously (voice, pics, texts…) then nobody need to learn any foreign language anymore. i really believe that will appear in near future :grinning:

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Not near enough for me, alas, but I have had a good run, so no complaints.

check this out, this one has been working on it for more than 30 years, and has already released many handy tools for voice recognition / translation (both physical ones and virtual ones on phone), it originally was a lab belongs to an university which is at top in language recognition and translation areas in China, not sure about it’s position globally, but i think it’s also considered good base on my personal user experience :grinning:
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Are you using this to participate on this forum in English, or was your command of English earned by the sweat of your brow?

It seems that ‘inhouse’ mastery of two or more languages has some cognitive benefits, which I suspect may be lost to those who no longer need to make an effort to master a second language (or acquire it naturally in a multilingual environment).

My daughter is a freelance translator, and after initial fears that she might be out of work soon, has found that she is likely to have enough work editing machine translations - but most of her clients still want a human translator.

Oh, how we have again wandered off the point!

no, it’s me speaking/typing English directly from my brain :rofl:, and i agree there are definitely many benefits to master more than one language. it’s just not so easy for everybody.

they might not need one if we have a earpiece that can do simultaneously translation with the original speakers voice and tone. :rofl: what they have in Startek to understand aliens.(appears everybody in the universe is speaking English, but actually, it’s just translation, so it can be any language depends on who is listening).
something i found:

happens a lot in this forum, consider it’s normal :laughing:

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This is interpreting, and not translating - rather different skills.,translators%20translate%20the%20written%20word.

yeah, that’s right, pretty sci-fi stuff, not in near future, haha. my hopes are still in the translation side with AI enhanced.

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Even if AI reaches perfection in terms of translation in my lifetime (but like everything, language cannot be perfect and neither can translation. I often choose to read in the original language whenever convenient as it is the nature of translation to lose the subtle meanings), I think it would be such a shame if people take that as a reason to stop learning languages, and thus miss out on the powerful human connection, the neurological development (and preservation), and the overall sense of fulfilment that can only come through learning languages.

Yet here I am, in my twenties and with an upper intermediate level in Chinese and still wanting easy English translations. We all are someone’s plzbro I guess.

The day computers will be able to do most of our work for us, we will find excuses to do it ourselves so as not to lose physical and mental performance, and we’ll call it “hobbies”. Exactly what we’re doing to regain our eyesights, if you think of it.


You learned that from school, parents, or… ?

The basics from school, then immersion and hanging out with people who don’t speak much beside that language.


I couldn’t even talk to real English speakers in my early twenties, u’ve earned my respect :vulcan_salute:

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Too bad (for me), I thought I could get some good recommendation for Chinese learning :smiley:

That’s the best way to learn a language. It’s just no so practical for most of people to learn a foreign language :sweat_smile:

I tried learning by binge-watching Chinese shows! Problem was, since I do not practice it, I got too dependent on reading the Chinese subtitles. :sweat_smile: