Neck and eyes - the range of motion

The guy definitely has a point.

It’s important to note that he’s not talking about exercising to strengthen the muscles but about using the muscle on the full range of motion, increasing ROM back to the level that was normal before the smart phone age…

I wish he found EM and added that to his recommendations, too, especially with such a high number of followers… (At least the concept of lens induced myopia as a very minimum, and promoting increased time outdoors for range of motion level 2 with the distance vision)


Excellent find! Really hammers in the importance of not having excessive screen time, and good posture


Good find of you !

An earlier video of Dr Mandell on the same very interesting subject.


This is so interesting. Thanks for the additional video!

I massage the back of my head and neck a lot, but it’s completely new to me that you can feel eye movements there, too :upside_down_face:
Never heard about it ever before…


I feel massive amounts of what I think is EOM strain trying to look forward with my head turned to full lock. That was unexpected. I know my neck mobility is lacking but who knew it’s linked to my eye movement. Crazy stuff.

Edit: 20 min later I did the stretch/exercise in the second video. Now I feel only very minor strain while doing the previous movement. Another rabbit hole to explore!

I miss my chiropractor. My neck and back were definitely better with regular visits. Insurance only covers accident or injury, not maintenance visits.


Interesting video and experience :slight_smile: I got a slightly dizzy as I did the exercises, and it was interesting how hard was it to constantly fix my gaze on the finger as I moved my head. And I definitely felt the eye muscles after it, similar feeling as after you stretch a muscle. The problem is that I will totally forget to do it regularly :slight_smile: Though interesting to check this when I have tension headache (hopefully I will remember it then :smiley: )


A nice double-purpose exercise, keeping the neck muscles loose and increasing the flexibility of the extra-ocular muscles concerned at the same time. I am also doing this for the vertical neck movements/extra-ocular muscle pair, as well as for circular head movements.