Need advice - Back to 20/20, high myopia & astigmatism


Happy new year!

I recently joined back to 20/20, but need some advice as I have high myopia & asthigmatism. A bit stuck and not sure how to proceed (I am at the ‘Strain Minimizer: Differential Diopters’ module). Module suggests starting a new thread in the forum if needed, so posting with my details.

Some facts about my eyes:

  1. My last eye test was Feb 2020 and my presecription was: R (sph:-9.25, Cyl:-1.25, Axis:165) & L (sph:-9.25, Cyl:-1.50, Axis:15).

  2. However, I didn’t get new glasses then and have been wearing my old prescription from Nov 2017, which is: R (sph:-8.75, Cyl:-1.75, Axis: 172) & L (sph:-8.50, Cyl:-1.50, Axis:12). With these glasses I can see 20/20 on Snellen chart, but with slight difficulty.

  3. My cm measurements (average over 3 days, taken 3 times per day): R-13, L-13.1, Both-13.7.

My question is how do I figure out my close up glass prescription? Do I base it on my latest prescription or the glasses I am wearing? Do I take more cm measurements to support my decision? What do I do about the astigmatism? I tried some reading glasses (+1 & +1.5) on top of my current glasses and really not sure having 2 glasses on top of each other is helping me figure things out. I do have contact lens at R (sph:-7.50, Cyl:-1.25, Axis:170) & L (sph:-7.50, Cyl:-1.25, Axis:10) which I can try the reading glasses with. However, not sure how to interpret the results?

I have glasses from 2014 that I could wear, but this is not that different, R (sph:-8.50, Cyl:-1.75, Axis:177) & L (sph:-8.50, Cyl:-1.25, Axis:10).

Sorry for the long message and look forward to your response. My first time using the forum, so apologies if this is in the wrong place to be posting things, if so please point me in the right direction.

As a fellow EMer with moderate myopia and high astigmatism, I recommend investing in a good quality test lens kit. Based on my own experience, my glasses prescription is too complex to figure out based on cm measurements alone (and as of now I do not have a friendly optometrist to rely on). The test lens kit especially helps figuring out the astigmatism: how much is necessary, what’s a manageable reduction without eye strain, whether or not it’s just spherical double vision, etc. Also in the long run, using a test lens kit will save you a good chunk of money from buying unnecessary/useless glasses, since complex prescription glasses are more expensive.


Hi! Can you recommend a test lens kit?


As you are on the paid course, there is another place to post very diopter specific questions and get some advice.- @Bianca can put you right on this. This forum can be used for anything other than very diopter specific questions or advice. If you have the time and inclination, you can also find the answers to all your questions on the website and the forum posts, by using the search function. But as you are paying…

Welcome to the forum, and good luck with this journey. :smile:

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This is the one I bought. UCanSee has other options on their website as well.

Good luck on your journey! :wink:

Personally, I originally ordered the UCanSee 86 piece kit which was okay but didn’t have enough of the right lenses for me. Plus the lens quality at the higher powers dropped off pretty quickly. I ended up returning it since I found a Pioneer full trial lens set used on eBay for a steal.

If you get a UCanSee product, make sure you look for one that says “Grade A” on it, as from what they tell me, those include higher quality lenses.

There are some great forum threads on this topic you might want to review for more info. For example:



thanks for your responses and sorry for late reply.