Need help for Vision test in 2 DAYS! and another question


First I need to do a vision test (don’t know if this is the term in English) in two days and I have to be able to see 20% from one eye, 40% from the other and 40% from both. I think this is not too hard given my prescription is not high: -0.75 sph; 1.5 cyl in both.

Two questions:

Before the test, should I use my normalized (with the exact prescription), my differentials (without the sphere), or nothing at all? Which of the possibilities is the best to prepare the eyes for the test?

When I look through the upper part of my eye, so, looking just under the eyebrows, and with the face facing down (hard to explain…), I see almost 20/20. Do you know why this is? And can it have anything to do with active focus?

Thank you very much,

that “edge viewing” is a known effect, which glasses with pinholes use.
But forget about that effect and do not do it. It is bad for your eyes, such as eye squeezing. And I think you must anyway look centered for the test.

I would say to have the most real results you should not wear any glasses at all before the test. Because glasses are manipulators and mostly they will manipulate in the “worse direction”.

But if you want to have a little bit better results than in reality, you can do some distance active focus before the test. This will improve you vision a little bit and prepare the eyes for the test. You will not have any ciliary spasm.

You are so kind!!!

Thank you very, very much for this!

I’ll let you know how the test go.


It is because that is at 90 degrees where your vision is best. You have -1.5D cyl on the horizontal line (at 170 and at 10), i.e. if looking sideways you need -0.75D sph more correction (-1.5D cyl = -0.75D sph)

In your case the most important investigation to do in your vision habits is to find out what is your regular activity that makes your eyes work a lot more along the vertical line and a lot less on the horizontal one. (Though some part of it is now lens induced - assuming you have started with lower cyl correction and you wore glasses with that)

Strange info for me. Astigmatism is for me horizontal lines are more blurry than vertical lines. But we dont know his degrees and astigmatism will stay independent from vision direction.

We do. Degrees are 170 and 10 shared in this post

You may want to check this thread from this post and the replies that follow. Especially the photo.
Desk set up for study with overused vertical line and with underused and light supported horizontal line => resulting in horizontal cyl.
I’ve been active for a while on the forum now and I keep asking people about their vision habits and axis and - unless astigmatism is born with - there is a clear link between vision habits and cyl axis. (first cyl axis that is, as after that if glasses are worn with cyl, it will be lens induced cyl)

There are 5 optos in my High Street. I can’t go back to them anymore as I played the trick of deliberately changing my cyl and get it measured by them and then remeasured. Was a bit mischievous I admit but found it super enlightening as a learning about cyl and first astigmatism.
Obviously doesn’t apply to everyone always but there must be quite a bit of truth in it.
Good news: habit induced cyl gets created quickly but can be reversed quickly, too.


Ok thats interesting. But first I will try to reduce astigmatism with cyl glasses.