Need help from post lasik

Hi everyone
I did LASIK 11 years ago from very high diopter -10 and -11.

Then 2 years ago I started to feel my eyes got blurry. And after pandemic I check with the eye doctor and now my prescription is
Right eye -2.25 cyl -1
Left eye -1.5 cyl -1

Now I used RE -2 cyl -1 and Left Eye -1.25 cyl -1 for long distance vision (when I go out)

And for computer work i use -1.5 RE and -0.75 LE

Is it okay?

But when I stay at home or don’t do any comouter works I dont wear any glasses. Lately I feel my eyes are getting bad faster. That’s why I joined endmyopia.

But I’m a bit confused since I during my faily life I dont usually wear glasses, now, what should I do? Which glasses should I wear? Thanks


Welcome to EM! I am sorry to hear about your eyesight after surgery.

It is against the group rules to give diopter specific advice but to be honest, even if it weren’t, I have no advice I can give with confidence.

EM recommends getting differentials first (computer glasses) before getting reduced lenses for outdoor use. The reason is that as you stop straining your eyes from computer use with full correction, you might notice that you see better and might need less correction to see perfectly far away.

I have no idea if your choice of differential lenses is accurate because everyone’s experience is different, especially with astigmatism. Also, how far is your computer from your face? Basically you need the lowest possible correction that would allow you to see comfortably, and that means that sometimes, you can’t compute it out but just go by trial and error.


To me the computer glasses sound reasonable if they seem to be working for you. You’ve taken out the cylinder and reduced 0.75 SPH in each eye. Can you see the computer comfortably with them?

If I were you and had access to cheap glasses online or a trial lens kit I would also consider trying something like -1.25 SPH in both eyes for in front of the computer (as an experiment) and see if you feel OK with having the same correction in front of each eye.

I would also be inclined to see if you’re able to just use SPH instead of CYL for your outdoor glasses, maybe try -2.5 SPH right eye, -1.75 SPH left eye. (Or even -2.25 SPH in both eyes. If you can keep it simple, try to keep it simple.)

Read up on reducing prescription complexity. If you haven’t been wearing cylinder correction I would hate to start down that path.

If you can’t get away from the cylinder entirely you might try trading half of it for SPH. For example, try right eye -2.25 SPH, -0.5 CYL instead of -2 SPH with -1 CYL.

Especially since you’re used to not wearing glasses, I’d try to see if simpler SPH only glasses with equal correction in each eye work well for daily life. I personally would only wear the full correction right now for driving a car or other dangerous activity.

You want to stop making your eyes worse from wearing too much correction in front of the computer (or using the computer too much!) Increase your outdoor time as much as you possibly can. Find some outdoor glasses that you can see comfortably in but that give you just a little bit of blur challenge that you can clear up.

The first thing I would try to figure out is if you really need that -1 CYL or not, and the second thing is whether or not you can see comfortably with the same level of correction in each eye. Since you’re going from no glasses at all, to wearing glasses, it would be nice to start with the simplest pair of glasses that works and then reduce from there in 0.25 increments accordingly.

None of that is advice, that’s just how I personally would approach the problem if it were me. You might also call around in your area and see if you can find a “behavioral optometrist”. They tend to be more friendly and understanding of what you’re trying to do.


Thank you so much for all your reply and kind words. I’m perfectly fine with my reduction glasses for the computer. So I guess the diopter is correct.

actually my number 1 question is should I always wear my reduction glasses all the time? At dirst I dont want to wear any glasses and only use it when I go out but I dont see any improvement, in fact my eyesight is getting worse :disappointed::disappointed:

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I would wear the weaker pair you use in front of the computer around the house (called “differentials” in EndMyopia lingo); and I would wear the stronger pair that’s still less than your full correction (called “normalized”) outside the house.

In general going without any glasses at all outside isn’t a great idea until you’re within 1 diopter of zero. You want a tiny amout of blur that you can clear up with a blink or two. A large amout of blur (what you get with no glasses) isn’t helpful most of the time.


With your level of myopia you should be just about able to work without glasses in front of the screen while keeping at least 50-55cms. (If that doesn’t work for you, you should be able to work with very low prescriptions - a lot lower than the pair of glasses you currently use for computer work.)
With your level of myopia you should be able to slowly improve and not wear corrections when at home.
And then the rest of the journey would be to wear glasses when you need them (evening dimly lit places, night driving, when exhausted, etc) and not wear corrections when you don’t and it would move gradually towards 20/20.
Above is what we say to people who haven’t had lasik. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how it is different post lasik. Your eyes may have less power to adjust: or triggering this skill may take slightly longer?