Need suggestions for first new normalized

Ok. My right eye and left eye are quite different. I am needing to find lenses that work well for my first new normalized. Here are the centimeter results for my right eye: the average is about 20.75 centimeters or -4.81 in diopters. The left centimeter average is about 16.75. I see anywhere from 19.5 cm to 22 cm with right eye and 16 cm to 18 cm with left eye.
My previous full prescription was Right: -6.00 -1.25x033 Left -7.50 -0.75x145
With my full prescription I can see 20/20 with right eye and 20/20 with left…but can see slightly better with the left using full prescription and was able to see some of the 20/16 letters clearly.
This is an improvement from where I started on the Snellen 2.5 weeks ago using the same full prescription lenses.
My current differential lenses are right: -4.25 and left -5.75 with same cyl and axis as the full prescription. With the differential lenses on the Snellen I can read 20/60 with my right eye and just the top line with my left 20/100.
I tried out some old lenses I had lying around and I am thinking right eye should be -5.75 to see 20/30 and left eye is what I am still not sure about. Going from -7.50 to -7.25 I can still see almost to the bottom of the Snellen chart. I didn’t have a -7.00 to try out so not sure what that would do for my vision.

What are your suggestions?

Great analysis and details. Not sure we’re really doing diopter specific suggestions here (more of just pointers on why and what may be useful for you to make your own choices).

Go off the differential for generally the same sort of focal plane scenario (cylinder, diopter ratio). Best guess for a start. What you put out sounds pretty good!

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