Need to buy new glasses and I have a dilemma

To eliminate any confusion. I’m asking this because I recently bought my first pair of normalized and sadly I found out that my optometrist overprescribed me in my right eye by 0.25 diopters, making my right eye 20/20 corrected with the normalized. so these first pairs of normalized are in effect useless.

My visual cortex has mostly been blur-adapted for the last couple of years as a result of never putting on my glasses. To add to this I don’t have a pair of glasses that give me full 20/20 vision in bought eyes, I only have the first normalized I got yesterday.

Do you guys ever use your non-normalized? aka your 20/20 vision or “old prescription” glasses for long-distance? as in, do you guys ever wear the original specs that give you 20/20 vision. Does it help to give some sort of " reference point" for your visual cortex to aim for when you’re doing active focus with normalized glasses?

should I get a pair of 20/20 vision glasses for the reason that I just listed?
( i don’t really want to do this because I would still at some point have to buy new normalized glasses )


should I get the correct pair of normalized (this one would be the second one) and use my first pair of normalized as a " reference point " for my right eye (as explained before the first normalized is “wrong” and gives me 20/20 vision in my right eye)

do I even need this " reference point" from 20/20 glasses to improve?

Isn’t that why we calculate our normalized diopters from the centimeter measurement (i.e., real diopter) rather than some opto’s sales script? Did you do the seven-day e-mail, research your questions on the wiki page, or watch videos before you ordered new glasses? It’s never too late to start over.


I use my prescription glasses for driving.

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With all the endmyopia knowledge, using my old precription glasses was senseless, because of the cylinder mess and also because of the disbalance lenses. I just bought 3 expensive glasses for normal life with L-2/R-2 ; L-3/R-3 ; L-4.25/R-4.25 (soon I will buy L-1/R-1)
For vision improvement with TV I use now L-2.5/R-2.25.
Since corona I do not need differentials.
I plan to use glasses with cylinder to improve astigmatism when I have reached -1.5. Maybe this will be in 2023.