Needed: The Flossary Of Worms

We need a flossary of worms.


A glossary of terms. How do we feel about another community sourced effort on this front? Ole Jake’s fingers are falling off from re-explaining stuff, plus the way Le Rough Guide turned out made m realize that community sourced always put a bit of a new perspective on things.

Reason this comes up now is because Hector, sage and almighty keeper of marketing wisdoms says we need one. For search engines and for him to do content stuff and maybe as an aside, newbies don’t know what stuff means.

What do we think? Flossary of worms?

Wiki post for this purpose has been created here:


Kittens don’t eat worms and they don’t need to floss :yum:

On a more serious note, yes, glossary of terms will come very handy. Besides for keyword search optimization, also to have a same definition for repeatedly used words. This might sound ridiculous but even after reading and watching your YouTube channel for hours people can still have different (big) understandings about EMs basic principles. :innocent:

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Huh? Treaty of Vorms?


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Good idea! Do you plan to give us a list of word to define, or how do you plan to do this?


Yeah good idea, a standard definition of terminology is vital to any large project

Kittehs… people curious about trying to improve their eyesight that find the eye guru
Eye guru… Jake Steiner

A list of abbreviations could be handy as well.

On Wikihow there is an item about How to write a glossary. Maybe more for students but it could help to make a start


@halmadavid getting all strategic on us. :slight_smile:

I think it’s not a very long list. I’ve always tried not to come up with terms when not needed (a definite pet peeve of mine is jargon and unnecessarily complicated terminology). But then some of the apparently innocent words like “close-up” actually hide the less obvious-to-newbies specific idea of sustained looking at a single focal plane distance generally within arm’s length (or … do we specify a centimeter range even that correlates to non-relaxed ciliary? :thinking:)

This is why I was thinking of having this be a group effort. The rough guide made me realize that I’m a bit close to this, plus as a group we’ve actually got a better way of expressing lots of these ideas.

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What’s really needed in the flossary

Hi, everyone! I’m Hector, the “sage and almighty keeper of marketing” according to Jake. :joy:

As Jake says, what we need especifically is a glossary of terms that, in your expertise and opinion, could help a lot any newbie with very simple terminology, at his first steps.

A very important thing is that those definitions should be entirely the definitions Endmyopia has created, not necessarily what Wikipedia or other sources say.

An example could be something as simple as this:

  • Myopia - (more commonly known as shortsightedness) is, as contrary as what we have been taught, a refractive state in which a person who suffers from it isn’t able to see things clearly at the distance.

  • Pseudo myopia - or NITM (Near Induced Transent Myopia) is the previous stage for lens induced myopia. The pseudo myopia is just a symptom caused by the strain generated from an excessive amount of work seeing something up close, generally Computers or Smartphone screens.

Something like this is what we need.
Please, community, let’s do it! :smiley:


A glossary sounds like a great idea. Not sure how it’s creation is supposed to be structured but here are a few EM terms that come to mind:

Active focus
Focal plane
Distance to blur
Ciliary spasm
Lens induced myopia, and as Hector said, myopia and NITM.

The terms Jake has made up, like active focus, can be defined however the community likes (I’m thinking) but the terms already being used by the establishment, like myopia, should probably be defined in line with their definitions otherwise there could be more legal trouble for the bearded one.


Great ones, @Mag. And yea, agreed.

Maybe what we could do for those mainstream terms is putting the “correct-medical” definition for one way, and for the other maybe point out something like “Endmyopia’s definition”.

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I just made a wiki post where we can all collaborate on this glossary, head there if you want to help out and cast a vote on whether eye health terms should be included or even have a separate section.


Awesome, Lauren’s, thanks!!!

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I added a bunch of potential terms we may want to define. I doubt all of them are necessary, but we can eventually whittle down a larger list to what’s needed.