📲 NERDY NERDS! Meow-sure iOS App (Github)

NERDY NERDS! Meow-sure iOS App :heart: :calling:

So we’re at version 1.2 at the moment. Heavily buggy but at least it’s in the app store and it can measure the distance to your eyes. So at least, no more measuring tape required.

Currently sorting out easy ways to get from cm to diopters as distance indicated, and improving the graph part of the log. That and a myriad updates, should be out very soon.

Then we’ll start with the second app. That one will pull in all the endmyopia content, from videos to blog posts, how-to guides, courses, podcasts, community, everything.

Well … we’ll see. Goal there being that you can log in, get your measuring data, and have the measuring data give you content that’s relevant to your current diopters.

And from there of course, all kinds of fancy progress help stuff. Expected progress predictions, troubleshooting, keeping track of other stuff … many possibilities there.

Mainly the possibility of your favorite darling eye guru going broke.

We’re using Github and Figma.

Developer is a paid minion since we can’t quite rely on community free developer graciousness for this (or at least none have volunteered, understandably).

Though if you wish to collaborate and are a UI / UX designer or Swift developer and want to contribute to the success of the various proceedings, do give ole Jakey a shout. :wink:


I downloaded it and tried it out. The eye tracking is really impressive, but it stops tracking when I move more than 88cm away. Unless I misunderstand the purpose, my vision is too good (I have low myopia) to get any use out of it.

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v1.3 is coming soon, with more diopter-goodness.