New and in need of some direction

Will be interesting to see what you’ll measure with new glasses vs no glasses, when you work through the methods of measurements I suggested.

Yeah the Snellen maybe the best measurement guide for me at first

Well, I didn’t just mean Snellen in general. I meant actually working through the below listed measurements - each step without glasses and then with the new glasses:

Okay from my mini Snellen chart here is what I have primarily found:

I can make out and read with some clarity from 3 metre’s in both OD and OS…but of course not crystal Sharp as my glasses. I struggled to make out the O which makes sense since my astigmatism corrects the vertical. It seems to be slightly double vision in OS and lesser in OD.

I can pretty much make out from 5 metre’s in both eyes but very much a struggle. From 6 metre’s just hard to figure out what’s going on… majority is blur in both eyes.

With new prescription I can see easily the chart from 6 metre’s.

Rechecked my measurements and to note the light in the room has been a difference… Just managed to see the 20/40 line albeit blurry from 5 meteres…I can make the letters out with both eyes but not crisp and faded…maybe considered blurry.

I’ll give it another try.

What is the mini-Snellen chart? If you mean a pocket Snellen which is about a smart phone’s screen size that is not good for this purpose I’m afraid.
It will need to be an A4 paper printed and placed at the physical distance of 3 meters
Use this link and follow the instructions on the second page to get the text size correct.

So the above measurements are with no glasses, correct?
If the measurements were not done with an A4 chart and 3 meters, what is the result with A4 at 3m?
How is it different if you do the same but with your glasses on?
(If you can close one eye and in front of the other eye you rotate the lens slowly, do you see the text changing shape? Like an egg or rugby ball rolling? That is the added cylinder)
Do you notice any directional distortion? with glasses on or with uncorrected eyes? Which is more distorted? Or are they both distorted?
These are things that will determine how aggressively you can try to reduce cyls and if you need the sph part at all in the normz.

How about close up? Screens or books?
This is needed to decide if you need differentials at all.
What is it like without glasses? What is the max distance you can be at with normal font sizes without corrections if you have to spend hours reading/working/studying? what distortion do you get first as you increase distance from screen? is it DV (2 sharp images not aligned), ghost (1 sharp image and 1 blurry one not aligned) or just blur (1 image with smudged edges)?
What is it like in glasses? same questions as above.

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Okay well the Snellen chart is A4 as it’s the one that comes with the Bates method… pretty sure it is the same one. It is really hard to figure out the distortion and I need to work out part.i have been tackling the vision training app posted for me. In terms of the screen work then I can make out words and text but no way near as clear with lens. However, If use my prescription lens anything close up is warped and I think it is because of the vertical lines/ correction of the lens.

I am not sure if getting some differential glasses maybe a diopter less for each eye is advisable… again this comes back to the measurements I took really.

OK, time to face reality. I have just run out of ideas on how to get more specific info from you. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ah no you have been great. I am at the point of doing the re measurements again as I feel my eyes are playing tricks on me. Ghosting and blur seem the same ? Maybe not sure but I need to establish accurate numbers ,then I can move forward.

Let me put it this way then :sweat_smile:

With your sph vs cyl ratio, based on my mini-statistics I don’t think you will be able to measure your eyes correctly for yourself. I suspect there was quite a bit of guessing in the opto’s measurement, too, but they have a time limit so they have to make a final decision on the best prescription and they made it. And because of that you will struggle to get one constant measurement only, too, but you won’t have a time limit on it and this comes with a rabbit hole alert.
That’s why I suggested that you work by comparing your uncorrected vision with the fully over corrected vision from the opto and instead of measuring what should be the right one, you can try to focus on what could be a good step to start reducing based on comparing the 2 experiences that are easily available for you.

As for the high cyl ratio in general:
a) I believe you have a serious contributing factor in your habits or your environment. Posture, light, other.
b) Not an EM recommendation, but own experience: cyl usually reacts well to exercises (not a cure all, but can significantly contribute to the improvement) as in my view most of the time there is a bit of laziness or eye coordination issue in cyl, too, using only a part of the eye. I saw @Viceroy.Sam recommending you some good exercises.

As for diffs:
a) I don’t think you need sph correction close up
b) if - as you say - it is not comfortable to stay at a good distance (over 55cm) from the screen without glasses - which can be perfectly normal with high cyl - I would definitely leave some cyl with zero sph. At the exact same axis, but would reduce it. Minimum to the half, but maybe even more. This is something that I’d sooner experiment with by ordering 0 sph glasses with different cyls then going done the rabbit hole of self measurement with test kits. This is not EM, this is my personal opinion on what I would do if I had your corrections but my eyes that I’m familiar with by now when it comes to reactions to changes. You will have to be very honest with yourself when evaluating the different glasses. Not to go too low and end up with headaches, but not to have too much correction unnecessarily either. Cyl reduction is a very personal journey. There are no 2 which are the same.

As for normz
Most probably I’d leave a tiny minus sph and would take away around 0.5D to 1D from the cyl values for a start. Again, would monitor, observe, make sure it feels good, etc.

Disclaimer: the above is my brainstorming thinking about a case of low sph high cyl, no responsibility for or guarantee on success on any decisions made after reading it. The above brainstorming is not 100% based on EM, but on ideas mixed from EM and other readings and self experiments.

Maybe advisable to either get my old prescriptions if I can find them…and that’s a good basis to see where my vision has come from. Maybe look at a test lens kit,if cheap enough for sure another good approach. Again,it is guess work but if I could reduce them by 1 diopter I would be happy chappy

Personal opinion only: I wouldn’t go down the rabbit hole of test lens kits. But that’s me…
The trick is that you have to make a decision on the reduction, you have to start somewhere and then work from there. There’s no amount of preparation that will give you certainty.

Yeah maybe being sensible and try a letter diopter change maybe in both eyes… keeping them equal in the drop. But for TV or driving. I guess the more reliant I am on these new lens,the harder to drop down.