New article by Dr. Steve Gallop

Nice article describing how he is helping someone to reduce their lens power. He noted that this case was different from most because the person lives on the opposite coast of the US from where his office is, so unlike most people, there’s no office vision therapy involved…it’s really just the same as what we’re doing.


Omg, it’s not the same - 0.5 in 3 years is just too long :joy:


Yeah. Why on earth did it take the person that long to come back?

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I also feel like Optometrists are going to start to see that it’s actually possible to reduce myopia without vision therapy in many cases.

Even the most pro-myopia reduction optometrists seem to still believe that vision therapy is almost required for progress. But we know it can often be done without it (and I worded that second half of that sentence very conservatively. “Can often be done”).


Half a diopter reduction in 3 years is very inefective. And I wonder why he only gave +.5 lens for close up use (while still using the minus contact lenses)? Why not at least +1 (considering the high minus she was wearing)?
Someone, talk to Dr. Gallop and explain to him about EM so his patients will have better results :smiley: .
@Tii_Chen what do people do in Vision Therapy? What is Vision Therapy? :thinking:

Why do you ask me? I have no idea :blush:

@FMR Do you know what Vision Therapy is? What do people do in VT? :thinking:

Sorry :sweat_smile:


Dr Gallop mentions endmyopia on his site. He mentions totally dropping cylinder in his script during opto school.

There was some kind of discussion, but he calls it “unproductive.” idk what that means.

VT helps teach skills or increase natural capabilities: vergence, tracking, motor control, hand eye coordination, using tools and activities in a structured program.

There’s really nothing in VT that mirrors EM. some of it I would say is bollocks, like $80 to sit in front of a biofeedback machine for half an hour. AF is much more effective, and cheaper to boot.



Lol, Tii.

@Hanna_Wilbur: VT can entail lots of different things, from orthoptics to stuff like occupational therapy, to reduced lenses, etc. I plan to undergo VT myself one day.


OMF. Didn’t get this one :rofl: :joy: :joy_cat:
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Thanks Jim, can’t stop laughing now… I mean, Hannah didn’t tell me she wasn’t asking me neither… :joy:

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